Domino Security Series

Locking Down Domino Security

With Simple Exercises of Configuration

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Please join us on Thursday, November 16th at 10am PST/1pm EST

RPR Wyatt’s Domino Security Blog Series will wrap up with an in-depth presentation on securing your Domino servers. This webinar will include a look “under the hood” of a complex Domino environment as well as a live Q&A with our Domino Support Expert, Heather Hottenstein. It’s crucial for every Domino Administrator to know how to properly configure their servers. This webinar will show you how to ensure the safety of organizational and user data.

Follow along with Heather as she dives deeper and shows critical configurations any Domino Administrator can perform to improve the security of their current environment.


Heather Hottenstein, Director Customer Support Services

Dating back to the early 3.0 days, I have over 23 years of experience with Domino. Over this time, my focus has been in server systems administration – everything from daily operations, troubleshooting difficult server crashes, performing migrations, ensuring the security integrity of a system and best practice recommendations to improve server performance.

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Title: Crucial Configurations to Maximize Domino Security

Date: Thursday, November 16th, 2017

Time: 10am PST / 1pm EST

Duration: 45 minutes

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