Reducing Total Cost of Ownership with Domino 10

Last week I attended CollabSphere 2018 in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Special thanks to Richard Moy for putting together a terrific conference. The technical content was rich and there was lots of energy around Domino 10.

As previously announced by IBM and HCL, one of the goals with Domino 10 is to reduce the total cost of ownership. A new tool called Auto repair has been delivered to provide cluster symmetry and automatically repair corrupted files.

Cluster symmetry repair will ensure that Domino cluster servers have database replicas in common. Auto repair is responsible for managing the list of databases that have been configured by the administrator to be present on all cluster members. When a database is found to be missing, repair creates a new replica. Further, if it is a mail file using DAOS, the respective NLOs will be brought over as well.

The Auto repair task also is responsible for mitigating corrupted databases. At the time a database is opened if corruption is detected, then the server first attempts to run fixup. If fixup cannot resolve the issue then the repair task will create a disk copy of the database and a new replica is created.

Gary Rheaume of HCL has published demo videos on these very cool new features.

I encourage you to experiment with these when they become available in Beta 2 of Domino 10. Look forward to hearing your thoughts.


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