Domino 12 Beta 3: Key Takeaways & Important Dates

HCL held an exciting Webinar this week around Notes and Domino 12 Beta 3. Here are my key takeaways....

⇒ Mark your calendars, the Domino 12 launch event is scheduled for June 7th!
HCL Notes and Domino 12 Beta 3 are now available in Flexnet for download. 
⇒ Some of the new features in Notes 12 Beta 3 include the following.
· Notes 64 bit Basic client
· Apple M1 support, 64 bit client
· Improved HTML rendering in email
· Workspace improvements around fonts, spacing, navigator control, keyboard navigation and identifying multiple replicas

New Domino Server Features

Domino 12 Beta 3 introduces new server features that will continue to improve on HCLs commitment to reduce administration simplicity and overhead.

Active Directory Password Syncing

Single Sign On between Windows and Notes has never been easier with the new Active Directory password synchronization.  When a user’s password is changed in AD, in real time the change is pushed down to Domino where the password is updated in the respective ID Vault and Person documents for the user.

License Tracking and Reporting

The new CCB and CCX license models require licenses where a user has access to at least one database on a server.  In order to track and report license compliance server and database access lists with respect to users are collated in the Entitlements.nsf database.  Here, information regarding user rights can be viewed and emailed in a simple report with the click of a button.

Verse Included in Server Installer Package

Verse is the email client of the future.  While it is still being developed at a fast pace with new releases every quarter, the Domino server installer will now download with the latest Verse code.

Native Backup and Restore Utilities

Domino 12 Beta 3 has two new server tasks, Backup and Restore.  By running load backup on the Domino server, Domino databases, templates, transaction logs and other files are backed up to a preconfigured location.  The new Domino Backup database is used to manage the backed up files.  And, the database allows for restore requests to be made for individual documents, folders and databases.  

Astra Linux Support

HCL remains committed to supporting the Linux platform. In addition to now including Astra Linux, Cent OS, REHL, Red Hat and SUSE are also supported platforms.
Check out these new features by downloading and installing Beta 3.  HCL would love to hear your feedback.  Go to to report any bugs or recommend improvements.

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