Domino V10: The First Major Update in 5 Years!

IBM Domino V10

Domino V10: The First Major Update in 5 Years!

In recent news regarding Domino V10, Bob Schultz, General Manager of Collaboration Solutions at IBM, published a letter announcing the launch of DestinationDomino.

In Bob’s letter he describes DestinationDomino to be “intended as your go-to place for everything you need to know about what’s happening with Domino V10 and the future of the Domino Portfolio”.

Within the letter there is a strong optimism that Domino will continue to thrive as an application platform used to solve complex problems and get work done quickly.

The overall focus of Domino V10 remains the same and is as follows:
  • • Rapid Application Development
  • • Enterprise Grade Platform
  • • Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

It now seems that IBM has found answers to these three focus points by committing to what they call a “robust and exciting” roadmap.

  • • Rapid Application Development We are embracing JavaScript with Node.js to open up new possibilities with Domino as a full-stack web platform
  • • Enterprise Grade Platform We are improving our world-class app and mail user experience on mobile devices and the desktop
  • • Lowest Total Cost of Ownership We are reducing the overall cost of ownership of Domino,  and making it even more bullet-proof

The letter wraps up with a message of appreciation from Bob as well as both of the teams at IBM and HCL to the thousands of members of the Domino community who attended events and contributed feedback to help create a vision for Domino V10.

Lastly, included in the letter was a registration link to the next Domino2025 webcast. IBM is bringing a deep-dive session from Think 2018 as a live webcast on May 24th at 10:00am EDT.

Register for the Domino2025 webcast here:

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