Let’s Get Real: What’s in IBM Domino v10 – Thoughts & Recap

Yesterday, IBM and HCL held a joint webinar to formally introduce IBM Domino v10. To me the most important take away is IBM’s commitment to the Domino platform. The future is bright for both 10 and beyond. In 2017 there were several sessions held with the Domino community, where vendors and customers provided feedback to IBM. They listened and understand that the community wants updated development tools, a light and refreshed Notes client, better server performance, enhanced integration with third party mail systems and a strong marketing presence from IBM. This presentation signaled that IBM is acting and will continue to actively do so.

As a tech geek, I was most interested in the new technical pieces that IBM Domino v10 will include. The following were covered in both the slides and the ongoing chat session

• Increase the maximum size of the NSF to 256 GB
• Application development improvements include notes.js (JavaScript), packaged Domino Docker images and Visual Studio
• Ability for a meeting attendee to invite others
• Schedule emails to be sent at a later time
• Use Word as an editor
• Ability to host Domino applications in the cloud
• Enhancements to Sametime to include SameTime conversations following a user across multiple devices
• Improvements to Domino clusters

There will be a lot more to come. IBM will continue to show the progress of IBM Domino v10 at trade shows and webinars, and host a beta program before it is released in 2018. The chat teased about a release of 10/10 at 10:10.

IBM is Transparent and is Listening to the User Community

Domino 2025 Jam

IBM Domino V10 Portfolio Themes

IBM Notes has always been a robust development platform. The problem has been the difficulty of tapping into those capabilities. IBM shared that their new app dev vision for Domino V10 is geared to make application development fast and easy. In the name of transparency, IBM broke down into four categories where their investments and collaborations will be regarding Domino application development. The four ‘lanes of investments’ are as follows:

• Extend: Aimed to deliver an extended value to existing Notes and Domino application customers who are delivering through the Notes client, ICAA or Xpages.

• Unleash: IBM was excited to announced great progress with bringing Domino applications to iPads.

• Enhance: IBM is working with partners to make existing Domino applications ready for a browser as a JavaScript HTML5 application.

• Evolve: Bringing open industry standards to Domino to expand what you can do with the platform and to find resources that can actually leverage the platform as well.

IBM's Current App Dev Focus Points

IBM Domino 2025 Jam
IBM Domino V10

New Features in Domino V10

• Notes Client: Auto updates of the Notes client

• Verse On-Premises: Enhanced browser-based mail experience

• Verse & Traveler Mobile: A more agile mobile experience

• Sametime: Addition of multi-client chat

• 3rd Party Mail Integration


• Domino V10 is a new chapter

• V10 will be coming in 2018

• IBM will be releasing updates at upcoming conferences and blog series

•Beta plans will soon be announced

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