My Top Ten Favorites from DominoV10

IBM Domino V10 IBM Think

IBM Think turned out to be a great week.  There was lots of information around security, cryptology, blockchain, quantum computing, and most exciting to me Notes DominoV10.  Notes 10 is real – not just a vision, not just marked up Visio documents, not just vapor ware.  It is being developed, compiled and tested.

Can I be real a second?  When IBM announced 10 and the development would be done by HCL I was a bit skeptical in terms of what this meant for the future.  However, after talking with members of the team all of those fears have vanished.  There is a lot of energy and passion around DominoV10.  It reminds me of days past when the development team was mostly Iris.  My fellow Notes geeks feel the same way and have great hopes for the longevity of this product.  EVERY 10 session at Think was standing room only.

One of the most important messages conveyed was that IBM and HCL are listening to the community.  DominoV10 is being designed based on the feedback received during the jam sessions.  This includes enhancements to existing functionality, the introduction of new features, and expanding the development platform of Notes applications to include new tool sets.

DominoV10 IBM Think
The RPR Wyatt team at IBM Think 2018 in Las Vegas, NV

The Following are my Top 10 Favorite New Features of DominoV10:

Number 1: Email improvements

            – Ability to schedule an email for delayed sending

            – Notification of emails having a problem before being sent

            – Forwarded emails appear as EML attachments

            – Group by Sender view

            – Folders will allow unlimited documents

Number 2: Calendar improvements

            – Team calendars

            – Ability to forward meeting invitations to others

            – Color code calendar entries by chair

Number 3: Better deployment

            – Ability to automatically upgrade users

            – Notes client will be smaller

Number 4: Database improvements

            – Maximum database size is now 256 GB

            – Automated database repair

            – Full text improvements

            – Docker Enterprise Edition images

Number 5: Node.js

            – Node.js can be used to design Notes applications

Number 6: Multi screen support

            – The designer client will allow the UI to span multiple monitors

Number 7: Improvements to Verse on premise

            – 30 days of offline support

            – Import ICS

            – Calendar View Print

            – Branding

            – Custom Colors

Number 8: Sametime improvements

            – Multi-device simultaneous log in supported

            – Chats follow you across multiple log ins

Number 9: Security improvements

            – Simpler Active Directory integration

            – ID Vault enhanced management

            – SAML, IDP upgrades for SSO

            – GSKit version upgrade

Number 10:  iPad support

            – Mobile application for iOS on the iPad

            – Complete support of @Formula and LotusScript code

            – Easily deploy existing Domino applications to tablet users

            – Other tablet and smart phone support envisioned for the future

The first 10 Beta will drop in approximately one month.  My plan is to get it installed quickly and delve deeply.  Be sure to come back and read future posts on what I discover.

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