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Verse On Premises

At CollabSphere 2018 there were presentations on Verse on Premises. I included a mention of Verse on Premises in my presentation that discussed Domino as a Web Server.

Verse is just another way of displaying a Domino mail file. Think of this in the same manner as the Notes client and iNotes. You can view your mail file using the Notes client and you can view your mail file using a web browser. They look and act a little different, but it is still the same NSF being viewed. Verse is using two additional design elements in the mail file and some DLL files on the server to provide the Verse UI in a web browser. So, for a mail file that is Verse enabled it can be accessed on a computer via a Notes client, a web browser using the iNotes interface or a web browser using the Verse interface.

IBM introduced Verse originally as part of the IBM Domino cloud offering. It has an interface that supports easily searching for email. I have always preferred the All Documents view because in one place I can see all of my email documents, finding them by using column sorts and database searches. Basically, it removes the overhead and time needed to file stuff to folders.

Verse on Premises 1.0.4 will be arriving later in August. It contains lots of improvements that will bring its functionality more in line with the Notes client. If you are not currently using Verse, I would suggest you take a peek at 1.0.4.

To get an idea of what is involved with deploying and using Verse on Premises check out the 1.0.3 documentation. Once 1.0.4 is released Google of Verse on Premises 1.0.4 to find its respective documentation.

Verse on Premise 1.0.3. Documentation

Tim Clark of BCC presented a session entitled Best practices for deploying Verse on Premises (VOP). He has made his slide deck available for review.

On slide 15 there are some hints for the future. One of them is very important for Domino shops currently using iNotes. In Domino 11 iNotes will be going away and VOP will be the web browser offering. Hence, it will be important for you to start testing and piloting VOP in order to be ready.


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