Domino, Notes, Sametime and Connections are NOT Dead!!!

CollabSphere 2019 – Domino, Notes, Sametime and Connections are NOT Dead!!!

It has been a while since I left a Domino technical conference with information and excitement overload. Like a fine meal paired with a perfect bottle of wine, CollabSphere 2019 left me satisfied and craving more. To Richard Moy a sincere thank you for coordinating this event. To HCL my sincere gratitude for all that you are doing for the Domino platform and its community.

CollabSphere 2019 was held in Boston October 28-30th. HCL shared great news around Domino, Notes and Sametime 11. All three of these products will ship in Q4 of this year. Also, a new version of Connections will be released soon.

HCL is fully committed to this collaboration platform. They are not only aggressively developing the next versions to be released shortly but also putting together road maps for the future of each of these products, that include innovative ideas and features.

Additionally, HCL is hosting a product launch on December 4th at 9 AM EST which will live stream from Tokyo. Use the following link to register:

There is way too much information to include everything in one blog post. As part of the countdown to launch, I will be posting weekly blogs between now and then. Tune in next Wednesday for a complete overview of Sametime 11.

Want to view the product launch with myself, peers and other like minded Domino fanatics? Register to attend the RPR Wyatt Domino 11 product launch event at our Phoenix, AZ location. We will have a live stream featuring the launch from Tokyo, food, refreshments and a live Q&A session to go over all announcements that are made.

Contact to register!

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