Domino 11 – Automatic Dead Mail Deletion

Domino 11

Domino 11 – What are you waiting for?

I know a number of organizations that are still running Notes/Domino 6, 7, 8 and 9. For some it is a resource issue – management will not approve the time and money that is needed. If this is you then let me help give you the reasons to upgrade. You can take these technology advancements and use them to convince your management the upgrade is worth it.

Over the next couple of months, I will be writing at least one article a week that discusses improvements with Domino mail and calendar that were introduced in 10 and 11. You can view my first articles here ; but today we are going to talk about Automatic Dead Mail Deletion.

Automatic Dead Mail Deletion

A best practice maintenance task is to review your Domino server’s files and delete dead messages. Domino 10 introduced a new feature that allows you to configure automatic deletion of dead messages, saving you time and reducing messaging overhead that can be caused by a large number of dead mail messages setting in the

In the server’s configuration document go to Router/SMTP – Advanced – Controls and set Automatically process dead messages to Enabled. Additionally, configure the delivery attempts and time between delivery attempts.

Dead MailNote: set Dead mail delivery attempts allowed to 0 in order to have non routable messages deleted immediately. Now, when a dead message is generated, the router will attempt to re deliver the original email the number of times specified using the retry interval. Once the number of attempts has been reached, the message is deleted from the

To manage server health the following Domino statistics may be monitored:

• mail.dead.retrycount
• mail.dead.deletedcount

By upgrading to Domino 10 or higher, you can take advantage of this new feature and no longer have to actively manage dead mail.

CollabSphere 2020

CollabSphere 2020 Live – On the Rise Together

CollabSphere 2020 beat all expectations. For three days I enjoyed collaborating with fellow members of the Notes/Domino/Sametime/Connections community. Final registration number for the conference was 482, a great sign that this software suite keeps on trucking.

For the next 30 days attendees may review all CollabSphere 2020 slides and recordings of the sessions at After that the recordings will be moved to YouTube. The slide decks for my three sessions may be accessed here. As always, I am available for any questions you may have.

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