Domino 11 – Document Deletion Logging

Domino 11

Domino 11 – What are you waiting for?

I know a number of organizations that are still running Notes/Domino 6, 7, 8 and 9.  For some it is a resource issue – management will not approve the time and money that is needed.  If this is you then let me help give you the reasons to upgrade.  You can take these technology advancements and use them to convince your management the upgrade is worth it.

Over the next couple of months, I will be writing at least one article a week that discusses improvements with Domino mail and calendar that were introduced in 10 and 11.  So, let’s get started and dive in with how document deletions can be logged.

Document Deletion Logging

Increase auditing and compliance by implementing document deletion logging.  When enabled for a database, deletion events are written to a text file called delete.log, located in the \data\ibm_technical_support directory.  Using the information in this file, you can clearly ascertain when a document was deleted and by whom.

Configure a database for this level of logging by running compact with the -dl option.  Additionally, include 4 fields that will be included in the logging.  These are fields that will assist with determing the document in question when reviewing the logs.  For example, to enable document deletion logging for John Smith’s mail file the following command is entered at the Domino mail server’s console.

load compact mail\.nsf -dl mail\jsmith.nsf $Title, From, Subject, Delivered Date

If you have users that are regularly deleting email messages (please don’t laugh too hard at that) you may already be thinking about how large this text log is going to become and how it can be maintained.  While Domino does not overwrite the file, it does have a control in place in that during a server restart the file is renamed using the date and time, i.e. delete_yyyy_mm_dd@hh_mm_ss.log. 

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