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Domino 11

Domino 11 – What are you waiting for?

I know a number of organizations that are still running Notes/Domino 6, 7, 8 and 9. For some it is a resource issue – management will not approve the time and money that is needed. If this is you then let me help give you the reasons to upgrade. You can take these technology advancements and use them to convince your management the upgrade is worth it.

Over the next couple of months, I will be writing at least one article a week that discusses improvements with Domino mail and calendar that were introduced in 10 and 11. My first article discussed how document deletions can be logged, and this week we will talk about scheduled messages.

Scheduled Messages

I have assisted several Notes mail customers implement a solution for creating mail messages to be sent at a later time. With Domino 10 scheduled messages becomes part of the native offering.

With your Domino server on version 10+ and the mail files using mail10.ntf+ your Notes client users can create and schedule mail messages for future delivery. Additionally, the server’s router holds the message until the specified time. While Outlook does provide the ability to create scheduled messages, it holds the email in the local Outlook client’s outbox and requires the Outlook client be running at the scheduled send time. I cannot tell you how many times I have had Outlook users complain that their email was not sent when it was supposed to go – simply because Outlook was shut down outside of normal business hours. The Notes and Domino solution leverages the server side, it has no requirements of the client.

By default scheduled messages are enabled on the Domino server; however, this may be controlled in the server’s configuration document (Router/SMTP, Restrictions and Controls – Transfer Controls – Allow user to schedule a delivery time for messages.) Additionally, a mail settings document is required and must be tied to a user policy. The settings document is used to define which users based on policy inclusion are allowed to send scheduled mail messages. Now, when a Notes client user is creating an email message, they can go to Delivery Options and configure the message send time.

For developers when programmatically creating an email message set a field called $SentAt to specify the date/time the router should deliver the message.

For administrators the server console commands tell router list and tell router show provide output of messages waiting for their scheduled send time.

Overall, scheduled messages is a great new feature that will provide your users with additionally flexibility of managing their work load.

CollabSphere 2020

CollabSphere 2020 Live – On the Rise Together

CollabSphere 2020 beat all expectations. For three days I enjoyed collaborating with fellow members of the Notes/Domino/Sametime/Connections community. Final registration number for the conference was 482, a great sign that this software suite keeps on trucking.

For the next 30 days attendees may review all CollabSphere 2020 slides and recordings of the sessions at After that the recordings will be moved to YouTube. The slide decks for my three sessions may be accessed here. As always, I am available for any questions you may have.

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