Engage 2020: Celebrating 30 Years of Domino

Engage 2020

I am beyond excited to have two speaking sessions for Engage 2020 accepted.  Thank you to Theo Heselmans for orchestrating this conference and for the amazing opportunity to present to my European counterparts.  Looking forward to seeing you all in Arnhem, Netherlands in March.

Come see me discuss Messaging Best Practice and Celebrate 30 years of Domino!

Learn more at: https://engage.ug/

Following Engage 2020, I will be posting some recap blogs to review each of my sessions as well as the overall conference itself!

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What is Engage?

When the first IBM Lotus users, developers and administrators started blogging over 20 years ago, no one could have imagined the impact this community had and still has today.
Many heroes of that same community are responsible for a lot of the content e.g. IBM Connect (formerly Lotusphere).
About 15 years ago it started with UKLUG, ILUG and NLLUG. Users (and we use this in a broad sense, as developers and administrators are users as well) organized themselves to meet IRL (in real life).

In 2009, the first BeLux (Belgium/Luxembourg) initiative for a Lotus User group was launched, and the very first event, in March 2009 was a big success.
We wanted to use this momentum to keep the BLUG going, and decided to create a real organization, with a real structure, and a team of passionate people behind it.
As of mid February 2010 BLUG was officially a non-profit organization (vzw/asbl).
When IBM decided the name ‘Lotus’ was no longer viable, we followed and changed the name of the BLUG events to ‘Engage’, at the end of 2013.
In March 2016 we officially changed the name for the non-profit organisation to ‘Engage User Group‘.

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