Notes 11: The Countdown Continues

The countdown to HCL Notes 11 and Domino 11 continues. Just like the Domino server and Sametime, the client side has great enhancements!

Domino 11

Notes 11 Client

The full Notes client is stronger than ever.  HCL has continued the relationship with panagenda, meaning the Marvel client is still embedded in the Notes client and eases administration of the client.  The following will improve the overall user experience.

• Rebranded to HCL with a new default theme for email, calendar and contacts.  The colors are softer with the shades of charcoal black and gray being replaced by a brighter blue and light gray, which allows text to stand out.

• New forms for email, calendar and contacts

• Embedded Sametime client is version 11

• Ability to schedule meetings over 24 hours

• Faster recovery from server not responding, no infinite hourglass

• Ability to spell check in multiple languages

• Ability to export emails and documents as PDF

• New installer that includes using a newer version of Java, which should resolve install and upgrade issues


Version 10 of the Notes and Domino offering introduced Nomad.  Nomad 10 is a mobile application that allows Notes database use from an iPad with no code changes.  Formulas and LotusScript work just as they do on the full Notes client.  Moving forward to version 11, Nomad will be extended to Android tablets, Chrome OS devices and iPhones. Past 11, the goal is to have Nomad available for Android phones.

For your databases being accessed by the Nomad app you can now use a LotusScript class called NotesGPS.  This allows GPS data to be pulled from the mobile device and stored in Notes documents.  Additionally, @Platform returns mobile client information as a text string – i.e. iOS; 13.3; iPad; iPad 7.5.

iNotes and Verse on Premise

An exciting new feature for your browser clients  is HTTP authentication via the ID Vault.  This means that web browser clients can authenticate against a Domino server using their Notes ID.  Administrators and users no longer need to be concerned with maintaining a separate Internet password.  Also, when the user opens an encrypted email in iNotes or Verse on Premise or Traveler, they will no longer receive a password prompt.

I know that it was previously announced that iNotes would disappear in Domino 11.  That is no longer the case.  While Verse on Premise has been greatly enhanced over the last year, the development team wants to incorporate more features before removing iNotes.  As a result, with Domino 11 your browser users may continue to access their email via iNotes.  There are no new features in iNotes and only security issues will be addressed.  Looking forward, the plan is for iNotes to be deprecated in Domino 12.  Hence, you will want to start planning for this change sooner than later.

Next week, I will provide an in depth overview of the Integrating Domino and Office 365 session Andy Higgins and I presented at Collabsphere 2019.

HCL Domino Launch Notes 11

And, finally, if you have not already done so, register for the HCL product launch event on December 4th at 9 AM EST.  Seriously, what are you waiting for?

Join the live viewing party in Phoenix, Arizona! There will be breakfast, refreshments as well as a live Q&A with industry experts. Register HERE for the RPR Wyatt live viewing party.

Likewise, tune in to the webcast live from Tokyo, Japan!  Register HERE for the keynote now.



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