CollabSphere 2020 – Opening General Session Notes

CollabSphere 2020

Collabsphere 2020 – Opening General Session Notes

The opening general session for CollabSphere 2020 delivered a positive message. This space continues to thrive and is growing. Some stats to show interest and momentum…

· 430 attendees this week from 34 countries
· 60 sessions with speakers from 15 different countries
· V 11.0.1 has had 55k downloads from 7000 unique customers
· HCL has 1500 developers working on digital solutions

During the opening general session, Richard Jefts provided a brief history lesson and then focused on future direction. HCL continues to see sales accelerate in renewals reinstatements and new customers. Also, they are focused on improving customer relationships and innovating the software, all being done by building the right team.

V10 and V11 releases were playing catch up – delivering new features and putting in a framework for the future. V12 will be the break away release that surprises and brings the WOW factor. Slated to ship in Q2 2021, V12 plans to deliver business workflow for everyone via Domino Volt, Domino Cloud Native using containers and Apps on a browser as a progressive web app using Nomad.

HCL’s development activities are in full force. Teams are actively doing two and four week sprints to meet project goals.

Sametime Premium will be announced at Digital Week in November. With remote meetings becoming the norm there are new customer demands. Specifically, customers want to own their meetings and data and reduce costs. Premium will allow for ownership, remove subscription pricing and provide a true Digital Office for employees.

Connections 7 promises to bring new features. Two powerful surprises include the ability to re use best practice business templates and seamless integration with Microsoft Teams. Additionally, Connections 7 will be easier to deploy and upgrade. Finally, HCL recognizes customers want a cloud option and plan to deliver.

HCL is committed to the Domino/Notes/Sametime/Connections collaboration suite. I continue to be excited about this space and enjoying the journey. opening general session

Check out my sessions this week!

MES102 - Verse on Premises 2.0 Best Practices

Session Type: Presentation

Heather Hottenstein
Director Customer Service
RPR Wyatt

In July 2020 Verse on Premises 2.0 was released, delivering a slew of new features. And when V12 of Notes and Domino ships, iNotes will be officially deprecated in favor of VoP. Join me to learn about the functionality that VoP 2.0 brings. Additionally, learn about deployment and administrative best practices to ensure your VoP offering meets your user’s needs.

Join me to learn about the slew of the new features in Verse 2.0 and how to ensure your VoP implementation meets the needs of your users

INF107 - Integrating HCL Domino and Microsoft 365

Session Type: Presentation

Heather Hottenstein
Director Customer Service
RPR Wyatt

Andy Higgins
IM Collaboration

Is your organization flirting with a move to Microsoft 365? Or are you managing an infrastructure that includes both Domino servers and Microsoft 365 cloud services? As Microsoft 365’s footprint grows, many HCL Domino environments are finding the need for the two technologies to coexist. This session will discuss best practices, native options and third-party tools to allow the two environments to work together, ultimately reducing your overhead and allowing your users to be productive. Just because you are running dual environments, does not mean you have to duplicate efforts to manage them. Let us give you tips on how to save time and give your users a cohesive experience.

COL106 - Domino - 30 Years Behind the Scenes

Session Type: Roundtable

Heather Hottenstein
Director Customer Service
RPR Wyatt

Jason Roy Gary
CTO – Vice President Engineering and Innovation

In November of 2019 our beloved Lotus/IBM/HCL Notes and Domino turned 30 years old. Ever wonder how a particular feature was created or who decided why something should work a particular way? Come join us for a trip down memory lane. Jason has been centric to the development of the software since its earliest days and will be sharing stories from Iris, IBM and HCL. Rocky Oliver and Bob Balaban will be part of the fun and share in the telling of product development history. As a technology consultant, business partner, IBM Champion and HCL Ambassador, Heather has been around the software for over 26 years, collecting a variety of experiences worth telling. Also, as a bonus Rob Novak of SNAPPS will explain why the Notes port is 1352.

Don’t miss out on this free event!

CollabSphere 2020 promises to provide an impressive three days of information around HCL Digital Solutions technology – Notes, Domino, Sametime and Connections for those of us that are not wrapped up in marketing. I hope you take time to come check out the sessions! It’s still not too late to register!

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