Empowering Remote Communication at Truly Nolen

Empowering Remote Communication at Truly Nolen

While remote communication has long been a modest concern for many organizations, it wasn’t until 2020 that remote communication skyrocketed to the forefront. We all know about the events in 2020, which caused organizations all over the globe to rapidly modernize their workplaces to survive in this new digital arena. Many organizations were already planning to gradually modernize these structures. Then almost overnight, the pandemic turned tomorrow’s nice to haves into yesterday’s should-haves. While each distributed workforce is unique, they do all share the need to be connected in real-time – not only to each other but also to all corporate resources and tools.

Embracing Change

As an experienced multi-platform Administrator, I had waves of existing customers reach out for assistance. One customer, in particular, was Truly Nolen, a pest control company with 300+ locations in 61 countries. Truly Nolen relies heavily on its mobile workforce to deliver its services. So even before 2020, they had a massive reliance on remote communication. Over the past 10 years, I have worked directly with their administrators to ensure that their Sametime environment was always available and at optimal performance.

Creating Business Value at Truly Nolen

Regardless of all of the preparation, we did at Truly Nolen, they still were impacted by the shift to the home office. It was one thing to have a large fleet of mobile workers reporting back to a select few central offices. It became an entirely new challenge when that same fleet was reporting back to dispersed home offices all over the country.

In this blog, I will cover the steps I took at Truly Nolen to ensure seamless remote communication around their critical business processes within a highly dispersed workforce.

Well, let me just start by saying that the new release of Sametime could not have come at a better time. These powerful solutions have provided organizations, like Truly Nolen, with a great opportunity to enhance value and empower their workforce during these demanding times.

It has also been relieving as a Business Partner to be able to offer ALL of our clients viable, future-looking solutions that can address their new digital initiatives. As a Level 3 Support Specialist – I work directly with organizations helping them manage and optimize their digital expectations and experiences.

Building a Resilient Infrastructure

As I mentioned, I work with Truly Nolen daily, helping to manage their mobile workforce of more than 1,000 users, scattered all over the US. For years I have optimized their existing building blocks and implemented administrative best-practices to ensure they had a stable and resilient environment that could handle stress. While they were positioned to thrive, when the pandemic hit there was, understandably, much concern for their ability to effectively conduct their business. Their large mobile workforce, which is essential to their business, now exponentially grew as the office staff transitioned to home.

As someone who has spent a lot of time in their specific environment, I was able to alleviate their major concern of “Is our infrastructure prepared for this?” And thankfully, yes it was. I have spent many hours with this particular client, designing a robust foundation, built using administrative best practices. It was this dedication and attention to detail that empowered Truly Nolen to minimize the hardships of the shift.

Locking Down Remote Security

In March of 2020 like many companies, their office workers went remote. There was never any question of whether or not Domino and Sametime could handle this shift. They were securely configured with a robust foundation with business continuity and multiple client access points. While they were as prepared as they could be for this dramatic shift, we both felt it would be highly beneficial to upgrade to a newer version of Sametime. This technology suite has always provided fault tolerance that can be easily fortified by leveraging Domino clusters, Traveler, web browser access, and Sametime mobile. But there were still much relevant security and communications in Sametime 11.5 such as Instant Video Meetings, Meeting Control, and Ownership, as well as Robust Security features. In the end, upgrading Sametime, empowered Truly Nolan to work nimbly, remotely, and most importantly, securely.

Benefits of an Undisturbed Ecosystem

To further enhance their business value, I did my administrative due diligence to ensure that no existing workflows or processes were impacted during the Sametime upgrade. I was able to work seamlessly beside their internal resources, allowing them to not only maintain but also expand their remote communications and business value.

They continued to be productive because of digital solutions from HCL like Domino and Sametime. And RPR Wyatt’s services enabled them to be properly configured anytime, anyplace, on any device.

Why RPR Wyatt?

RPR Wyatt’s team of experts has been helping organizations on the Domino platform for the last two decades and we plan to continue assisting Domino organizations for decades to come.

 From enterprise organizations to family businesses, RPR Wyatt is the go-to provider for monitoring, administration, development, licensing, and reporting for all things HCL Domino.

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