What’s New in Sametime 11

Sametime 11

Let me start by taking a trip down memory lane. Two years ago in Washington DC at CollabSphere 2017, I attended a session on Sametime’s roadmap that was presented by Pat Galvin, who is the Director over Sametime development. In that session, Pat stated that while a delivery date could not be guaranteed due to the sheer volume of development effort involved, the plan was to uncouple Sametime from its WebSphere dependency.

Rather than save the best for last, I am telling you this is now a reality! Sametime 11 has returned to being Domino based.

Sametime no longer requires WebSphere or DB2!!!

Not a polite theater clap moment – this is the time to loudly applaud and fist bump. Woot Woot!

HCL truly listened to the customer and partner base and delivered a Sametime solution that is much simpler to install and maintain. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

The Sametime Proxy server installation has been reduced from 11 GB of install files that require numerous steps and countless hours to one 100 MB install file that needs to be unzipped and run, altogether taking less than five minutes.

Sametime Community server’s exciting news is that it now runs on Domino 64 bit.

In addition to the above, Sametime 11 delivers a modern interface, has been rebranded to HCL Sametime and offers persistent chats. Your Sametime chats now follow you across multiple device logins – from your laptop to your web session and mobile devices. These chats are stored in a Mongo database. Moving towards the future, it is a goal of Sametime 12 to have a Domino database provide this storage.

Have you registered yet for the big product launch on December 4th at 9 AM EST? If not, I encourage you to click the following link and plan to attend this exciting event with the rest of the Domino community.


Arizona Locals: The RPR Wyatt headquarters  in Phoenix, Arizona will also be hosting a live viewing party with breakfast and refreshments. All who are interested are welcome to join! Just reach out to info@rprwyatt.com to find out how to register!

Next Wednesday, I shall post another blog article covering Domino 11’s exciting new features. Hope to see you then.

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