HCL Verse 2.0

Verse 2

HCL has released Verse 2.0, which is the new and improved Verse on Premises. The biggest news is Verse can run as a PWA, Progressive Web Application. Once it is installed as a PWA, it is launched from the desktop/home page of the device and is automatically updated in the background. The PWA approach provides your users with a consistent experience across devices and the ability to not become bogged down by slow network connections.

Verse 2.0

Other improvements in Verse 2.0 include the following:

  • • New React Calendar Event form UI
  • • Ability to created and delete Mail rules
  • • Ability to send and file mail messages
  • • Search within a specific date range
  • • 3 clicks rule for attachments – acknowledge and/or approve the download
  • • Pull down message list to refresh on mobile devices
  • • Re-authenticate through a browser page after session timeout

Verse 2.0 is supported to work in Edge, Chrome and Safari browser clients. Internet Explorer 11 has been dropped due to Microsoft’s shift favoring Edge and PWA is not supported by IE 11.

Overall, Verse 2.0 provides a secure email solution for your users. It may be served from Domino servers running 9, 10 and 11. And, 31 languages are supported.

To get started with HCL Verse 2.0 the administrator documentation may be found by using the following link:


HCL continues to want your feedback. If you have not already, take the Verse survey:


And, please make sure to vote on existing ideas and post new ones to the Domino Ideas portal. Be an active part of making this the best business email solution ever!


As always, I am available for any questions that you may have. Feel free to drop a comment on this post, or reach out directly to my email: hhottens@rprwyatt.com

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