Fusion Centers

Hoozin Intelligence Portal

Modernize how you disseminate information with the only secure Intelligence Portal built for National Fusion Centers.

What's Inside?

Cross-Agency Collaboration

Analyze information and share timely intelligence with federal, state, and local law enforcement as well as other members of the Intelligence Community.

Urgent Alerting

Immediately push out urgent bulletins to specific individuals or groups, internal or external, to instantly share information that is mission critical or time sensitive.

Organized Intelligence

Access the searchable and secure repository of controlled-access Intelligence libraries of mission critical information to prevent and reduce crime and terrorism.

Information Dissemination

Provide all members of the Intelligence Community with accurate, actionable, and relevant information, in a common format, for easy sharing and collaboration.

Regulatory Compliance

Ensure all US Government compliance requirements, including eDiscovery and CJIS, are met with audited, industry-leading data security, privacy and access controls.

Intelligence Summary

Receive a daily intelligence summary that contains all of the bulletins and updates that you have not yet interacted with on that particular day.

Hoozin Fusion

Why Hoozin?

Hoozin is an out-of-the-box Intelligence Portal with the flexibility to meet the unique communication needs of National Intelligence and Fusion Centers. The Hoozin Intelligence Portal directly addresses the communication failures of traditional broadcast email by providing a more effective way to distill and disseminate intelligence.

Hoozin Communities offer a secure location to access intelligence, search for historical data, as well as a space to collaborate and communicate with both internal and external parties. Hoozin delivers an experience that is designed to empower today’s modern digital workers by establishing a consolidated, single sign-on dashboard with on-demand intelligence.

Hoozin fights Confusion, so you can fight Crime!

Who We Work For?

Information Disseminators

Enhance public safety with Hoozin by effectively and securely disseminating intelligence using a common output format.

Senior Staff

Coordinate between the different branches and levels of government and promote effective information sharing using Hoozin.

Internal Users

Use Hoozin to facilitate a more effective way to fuse data to produce intelligence that can be used to maintain public safety.

External Users

Collaborate with multiple external agencies, using Hoozin, to maximize the overall ability to thwart criminal and terrorist activity.

Move Forward with Hoozin