Benefits of Using a Modern Intranet in the Workplace

Hoozin Knowledge Management

For most modern digital workers today, there are two key elements that help them to remain productive throughout the workday:

  • • Being able to easily navigate and access all business applications and digital assets in a timely manner
  • • Being able to seamlessly communicate and converse with any member of the organization or team, regardless of their physical location.

For some time, these problems have been solved with a simple Intranet site that handled document management and basic communication needs. While this was great initially, the ways in which we work, think and communicate have drastically evolved, and so should our Intranets. It’s now 2019 and many organizations are finding themselves in the midst of their ‘Digital Transformations’. They are also finding themselves wanting and needing more out of their basic Intranet.

4 Benefits of Using a Modern Intranet

At Hoozin, we believe that an Intranet should grow and evolve with the organization, in order to continually meet their unique goals. It’s also important that your Intranet is flexible enough to cater to the many ways in which different employees work and remain productive.

In today’s world of globally dispersed organizations, it’s crucial to have a common digital space to keep your company and employees connected. Here are a few ways in which using a Modern Intranet in your workplace can keep your organization connected, efficient and engaged.


1) Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management is no longer compressed in big central document management systems. Knowledge sharing has become ubiquitous in the sense that it can be retrieved from anywhere, from multiple sources. The creation and consumption of knowledge is just as likely to occur on a bus ride as it is within a classroom or meeting room. Equally important, is how easily this knowledge can be found and referenced back to at a later time.

In today’s chaotic and globally dispersed world, finding information in a timely manner can become a very difficult task. Within an organization knowledge is stored across multiple platforms such as email, Word documents, Google Drive or hidden in the company portal in a discussion post or comment.


Hoozin Knowledge Management
Hoozin’s Content Management System allows users to easily collaborate on documents and projects but more importantly, offers various search features, such as filters and tags, to rapidly locate any piece of information.

An Intranet serves as a single source for all types of information and knowledge, offering a huge competitive advantage for an organization. With an Intranet, organizations can reduce time spent on-boarding new employees, retaining knowledge from those who have left the company, and most importantly making this all accessible to current employees. Because of this, it is crucial that your Intranet comes complete with a viable content management system that allows users to easily search for and locate any piece of information in a timely manner.


2) Employee Engagement

Keeping employees engaged is a difficult challenge, especially in today’s modern world of distractions. However, the benefits of employee engagement, both immediate and long term, exceed the initial challenge. The organizational benefits of employee engagement include increased employee satisfaction and loyalty, high retention and lower turnover, as well as an increase in overall profits. One of the most common ways that organizations are approaching this challenge is by implementing a social Intranet to inspire their staff to contribute more on projects, initiatives and overall communications.

Actively disengaged employees cost U.S. companies $450 to $550 billion per year in lost productivity (Gallup). Leveraging an Intranet can help to get employees engaged, to keep them engaged, and to increase overall productivity. The two most common reasons that result in disengaged employees are (1) being unable to find information at critical times and (2) being unable to share knowledge with peers or team members when it matters. By logging into a common space (Intranet) to start each day, your staff is regularly connected to each other and to the current task or project at hand. An Intranet serves as a continuous “team meeting” that unites, motivates and encourages employees to participate.


Hoozin Modern Intranet
Hoozin facilitates employee engagement with an interactive home screen that allows employees to easily access information and communicate with their coworkers.

Working within the transparent culture that an Intranet creates not only encourages employees to participate but it also promotes an overall feeling of inclusion. This feeling of inclusion dissipates the traditional top-down management and allows every employee to participate and add value to any situation.



3) Streamline Communication & Collaboration

Achieving meaningful communication, both internally and externally, remains a great challenge for many organizations today. With organizations becoming more globally dispersed, and a steady increase of remote employees, it’s crucial to have a common space where everyone can communicate, and, more importantly, collaborate. A corporate Intranet offers that common space and is able to eliminate the “silo mentality” that is present in many organizations. By facilitating multi-directional communication, managers are able to interact transparently with staff and it becomes easier to transform ideas into action.

Hoozin streamlines communication by providing business users, regardless of job function, geography, or job level, a central location to share, consume and create knowledge. When your employees feel more connected to each other, they can feel more connected to your organization and their job. Hoozin provides a channel for distribution of company information by consolidating news, updates and other important information into a single point of access for all employees. When business users have a streamlined way to navigate to and access information in a timely manner, they become more engaged and more efficient.


4) Project Management

Every organization engages in project management, whether it’s for a new product launch or even for updating the staff handbook. It’s a necessity for many organizations, especially larger ones, to acquire and deploy some type of product management software. The problem is these tools can be difficult to use and come with a steep learning curve that requires extensive training. Often, the use of traditional project management software becomes a larger commitment than expected and is just not feasible for organizations with limited resources and time constraints.

So, what’s the best way an organization can formalize their project management procedures while staying within their existing systems? An Intranet! A company Intranet can provide a simplified project management solution that can quickly be deployed, due to the fact employees are already using it on a daily basis. Within Hoozin, dedicated communities can be established to provide team/project members with a space to communicate, share files, monitor progress and resolve issues.


Hoozin Project Management
Hoozin’s Project Management solution enables the ability to manage projects to completion, track progress along the way, and to easily communicate with all team members.
Hoozin Project Management enables you to administer each project, no matter how big or small, to completion. With Hoozin, project managers can properly execute each stage (Initiation, Planning, Launch & Execution, Control, Closure) of the project to ensure overall success. Hoozin enables you to monitor your projects in real time, as you track staff progress and resolve issues. Following staff interactions allows you to gain a deeper insight into the challenges and resources that surface during the project cycle.

Hoozin delivers an experience that is designed to empower today’s modern digital worker by offering a consolidated, single sign-on dashboard with self-service capabilities. Hoozin allows users to eliminate the clutter and combat information overload while remaining aware of all organizational communications. Hoozin’s modern social communication model allows both users and managers to overcome the traditional organizational barriers to communication.


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