Digital Integration: Overcoming Enterprise Communication Challenges

Hoozin Digital Workplace

It’s all about Digital Integration.

Hoozin is known for its innovative approach to collaboration, as well as for our vision of delivering a fully integrated Digital Workplace. Hoozin aims to connect all Digital Assets into one single experience for the end-user. At Hoozin, we believe that the Digital Workplace needs to be entirely user-centric and NOT IT-centric. This means that organizations need to work towards Digital Adoption, rather than relying on what they already have. Only by focusing on adoption, can one achieve the ultimate goal: increased productivity and happier employees. Because of our user-centric focus, Hoozin’s Digital Workplace leverages a community-based approach, allowing productivity and adoption to become tangible. Beyond that, effective Knowledge Management can only truly be realized with a community-based solution.

What problems are out there for the common Digital worker?

When thinking about the life of today’s digital worker, you probably think about massive amounts of inbound information dispersed across multiple different applications, source files, and IDs. Information is being consumed in a disordered way, causing end-users to fall into a perpetual cycle of increasing stress levels. Not to mention that new processes and tools are thrown at them from management, with the assumption that they will all love it. This causes every application or business process to be perceived as an inconvenience to adopt. This is a real problem for most modern Digital workers. 

What we need is an easy to use solution, that contains profile management, a social stream, access to third-party tools, and collaboration through communities. Hoozin combines deep third-party integration with community-centric collaboration to deliver an intuitive and unified Digital Workplace. In addition to stream-based and community-centric collaboration, Hoozin provides each user with a personalized landing page that consists of widgets that are relevant to that specific user. These widgets compress and consolidate all inbound information, emails, alerts, requests, into a unified dashboard. 

The result is a single ‘control tower’ where all pertinent information is available at a glance, eliminating the need to log into different sources to ‘fetch’ information.

How would that work technically?

Hoozin has a modern Widget Builder that enables users to easily create and add widgets to their unique landing page. Hoozin does all the heavy lifting by taking care of the design, the content to surface and the back-end DevOps part. 

These widgets provide critical information on a user’s tasks, relevant reports and also serve as a link for further actions. Hoozin widgets are always web responsive and contain accessible APIs, enabling single sign-on across all applications. Widgets serve as a fundamental building block of the Hoozin Digital Workplace. 

The Hoozin vision is to combine day to day collaboration with the inbound information of the end-users application landscape. Hoozin aims to solve the problem of Office 365 adoption, not by simply making Office 365 “pretty”, but instead by advertising the right asset, to the right user, at the right time. Organizations need to place a higher emphasis on end-user requirements and the overall end-user experience rather than focusing on patching together a solution with existing assets. Being end user-centric, in the end, allows for more accelerated and comprehensive adoption of your tools and investments.

Out of the box, Hoozin is a Social Intranet that leverages a comprehensive content management system that empowers organizations to establish their voice. Hoozin’s vast integration capabilities and Widget Builder allow organizations to seamlessly grow their Social Intranet into a fully functioning Digital Workplace. Hoozin widgets are not under any license agreement, meaning that you can leverage them as much as you would like to maximize your digital integration. The Hoozin Digital Workplace is fully web responsive, seamlessly integrates with Office 365 and covers all the requirements of a classical Social and Collaborative Intranet.

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