IBM Connections 6.0 is here!

ibm connections 6

IBM Connections 6.0 is now available to download

IBM Connections 6.0 brings new potential to the end-user by empowering them to thrive with a richer, more focused and more effective experience. In Connections 6.0 IBM added new functionality across the board, enhancing multiple aspects of the collaborative landscape. New functionalities can be seen in the following areas: Communities, Files, Search, Onboarding, as well as Orient Me, the new Connections Homepage.


Community owners now have additional options for designing their own custom communities with the new advanced community customization capabilities.

• Create Community experiences with enhanced rich text content editing (HTML).
• Choose from new modern layouts with a horizontal navigation bar to maneuver more effectively within communities
• Create new Communities faster by choosing from existing layouts.
• Reduce clutter on Community pages by hiding a widget while retaining its link in the navigation menu.


• Files users can select a top-level folder in their Files and mark it for sync, permitting users to take folder contents office to their desktop and keep them synchronized with the files on the server.
• Administrators with large amounts of documents stored in Connections Files can now leverage IBM Cloud Object Storage.

Orient Me

Pertinent updates are now brought to the surface with the new Orient Me feature. Orient Me provides new home page abilities that apply advanced analytics to bring information and people that are important to the individual to the front and center. This allows individuals to work more efficiently within their personal Connections environment.

• View the updates and information most relevant to users, prioritized based on their interaction with content and people.
• Apply new content and people filters to better control what users see.
• More easily view updates grouped by a person, a Community, or content.
• Receive suggestions about the people most likely to be important and relevant to their work.
• See a snapshot of their day in the Action Center, accessible throughout Connections

ibm connections 6 new releaseOverall IBM Connections 6.0 looks like a great new release and next step for the social business software. IBM has showed their commitment to Watson and other types of AI technology as they are leveraging advanced analytics in new features such as Orient Me. Connections 6.0 has received high praise so far from existing users and we expect the high praise to continue as we move closer towards Connections Pink.

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