Support Managers: Harness the Power(Shell) within Office 365

Sercive Desk Support Manager

In light of recent events, we have seen a massive influx of remote workers, resulting in a substantial increase in Support Desk tickets. Support Desk staff have been bombarded with various tickets, making it difficult to keep up with their typical daily tasks. Some say the obvious solution is to add more staff members to reduce the workload of the existing staff. However, when you factor in the cost to hire – recruitment, training, salaries, etc. – you quickly realize adding more people is not the most efficient solution.

We say, equip your Support Desk with PowerScripts so each employee can accomplish more, rather than less. PowerScripts allows each employee to accomplish more – almost immediately. PowerScripts allows any authorized user to harness the capabilities of PowerShell to identify, mitigate, address, and even prevent issues in Office 365.

Watch our brief recording to learn how to:

• Configure and enable remote workers
• Identify and remediate compromised mailboxes
• Fulfill Support Requests quickly and effectively

Watch now:

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