Rapidly Modernizing and Mobilizing Notes Domino Applications

Domino 2025

RPR Wyatt Inc. announces an agreement to resell teamWorkr, the low-code, minimal effort solution used to modernize and mobilize Notes Domino applications.

RPR Wyatt Inc. is now an official re-seller of teamWorkr, a Team Technology solution. teamWorkr enables the rapid modernization of Notes Domino applications and empowers administrators, power users and even students to master the process. Organizations like Panasonic and Strabag have leveraged teamWorkr to modernize their applications with minimal effort, establishing secure access from any browser or device.

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In San Francisco, at IBM Think 2019, the RPR Wyatt team became acquainted with Thilo Volprich (CEO & Co-Founder, Team Technology GmbH) through a mutual friend and partner, Andy Higgins (CEO, IMCollaboration). At Think we were able to view a demo of the teamWorkr solution as well as spend some quality time with individuals from Team Technology. Our extensive Notes Domino background, as well as our shift in focus to Cloud technologies and hybrid environments, positioned teamWorkr as perfect addition to our existing client offerings. We appreciated and understood the direction where teamWorkr was going, as it directly aligned with our own vision at RPR Wyatt to extend the reach, value and life of their applications.

Build Beautiful Mobile-Friendly Notes Applications

Where teamWorkr can help bring value to clients:

• Avoid the significant investment of time and money to build new solutions and bypass recoding by adding a browser-based experience to your existing Notes Domino applications.

• Leverage the strength of the Domino security system and keep all accessible data protect by integrating all existing security concepts.

• Accelerate time to value by rapidly modernizing existing Notes Domino applications that are proven successful over the years.

• Reduce hours spent developing by automating the transformation of applications.

• The ability to use existing resources and know-how in administration, development and application support, or HTML skills for the implementation, customization and operation.

Try the demo for yourself:

Mobile or Browser & iPad

user: domino
password: 2025

For more information about this announcement, please reach out to:

Jim Engle, Vice President, RPR Wyatt Inc.
(602) 324-2942

About Team Technology and teamWorkr:

Unleash the power of tens of millions valuable Notes apps all over the world. On every device. Cross-platforms. Cross-company. With a true mobile user experience. Without recoding by a highly automated process. That’s our mission!

We love the IBM Domino Server as a holistic development platform and are fully convinced that the integrated approach offers the best solution for rapid development. Therefore, we reinvent the idea of rapid development to bring it to the next level in a mobile world. We are excited to extend the capabilities and power of the IBM Domino server with the teamWorkr technology and therefore for the great Notes developers and users out there.

With teamWorkr, business-critical applications can be used with popular browsers on any desktop and mobile devices across the company. The developers continue to concentrate on the business processes and use their existing know-how. True to the motto: “We give you the Backend Objects in Lotus Script and you do the magic”! The teamWorkr approach empowers our customers to leverage their substantial investments in Domino in a new and valuable way without any business interruption.

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