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Optimize Your IT with VitalSigns Performance Monitoring

What Can VitalSigns Do For You?

Easily track the availability and performance of your entire IT environment with VitalSigns Server Monitoring. Manage every server and application from a unified dashboard view. And I mean EVERY server, VitalSigns covers the entire IBM and Microsoft collaborative stack including all types of hybrid environments.

VitalSigns doesn’t just ping the box and hope for the best (like some server monitoring tools) because that won’t give you what you need—peace of mind that the entire environment is working fine. Instead VitalSigns will replicate various server tasks to ensure that your server isn’t just running, but also functioning as it should.

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Verify and Manage Server Task Health

Detect and Receive Alerts on Pending and Dead Mail Pileups

Prevent User Failovers with Domino Clusters Management

Eliminate Data Loss with In-depth DAG Monitoring

Alerts and Notifications Enable Proactive Server Management

Track Available Disk Space, Average Queue Length, and Disk Utilization

Monitor and Manage Server Response Times

In-depth Reports on Advanced User Metrics and KPIs

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Who is Using VitalSigns?

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Use VitalSigns Anywhere, Anytime

VitalSigns on Any Device

Use VitalSigns on every device to ensure that you always have access to alerts and notifications on your critical business applications. Download VitalSigns from the Apple or Android App Store to begin leveraging VitalSigns from your phone or tablet.

Meet the Creator of VitalSigns

Alan Forbes

Alan Forbes was born in Attleboro, MA and got his BS/BA from Bryant College and an MBA from Babson College, where he won the Douglass Prize in Entrepreneurship. His technical specialties include Internet application development using IBM/Lotus Notes, Microsoft .NET, and the popular LAMP Stack of PHP mySQL, and Apache.

He has written many technical articles for a variety of publications, is an Amazon best selling author, and has spoken at numerous conferences and user groups. Alan was named an IBM Champion for 2017.