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SmartSpace Social Distancing

The COVID-19 pandemic has greatly impacted organizations and workers all over the world. Organizations are now faced with the inescapable task of formulating and implementing an effective response plan. A response plan that will deliver peace of mind to each person that occupies your facilities. Thankfully, organizations are not without guidance.  We can look at ways in which essential businesses have continued operations. Including how they have adapted, innovated, and most importantly, what protocols succeeded, and which ones need improvement.

Organizations planning their reopening strategies should utilize the insights gained from essential businesses, combined with the current government and regulatory guidelines. Whether you are waiting to reopen or have just recently reopened, it is critical to ensure that you have an effective plan in place. However, it is difficult to develop and implement a plan in these unfamiliar circumstances, where guidelines and safety protocols can change at any time.

To combat this, many organizations have been implementing touch-free, mobile solutions. These solutions keep employees, customers, and other building occupants up to date with all recent protocols, restrictions, and other pertinent information. A touch-free mobile solution not only keeps everyone informed but it also facilitates cross-departmental collaboration, workspace management, and intelligent cleaning procedures.

Open Up & Stay Safe

SmartSpace helps organizations create and maintain a safe environment as they begin to reopen their facilities. SmartSpace includes self-service modules for staff members, end-users, and guests, as well as managerial modules for stakeholders to oversee and manage all activity.

Organizations can combine SmartSpace with integrated HelixSense platform and sensor hardware for a complete Facility and Asset Management Solution.


Areas of Focus

Space Management

Safely maximize space utilization during partial occupancy by monitoring your physical space inventory to make informed workspace assignment decisions.

Intelligent Cleaning

Automatically generate maintenance tickets to alert cleaning crews about recently vacated areas that require sanitation before they can be occupied again.

Occupancy Management

Monitor occupancy levels in real-time, establish touch-free pre-screening processes, restrict access to crowed areas, and redirect traffic flows to adhere to social distancing guidelines.

Employee Management

Integrate with existing management systems to create and assign employees to shifts, map spaces to teams, and to manage users, clients, or teams.

The SmartSpace approach to a safe opening during the COVID-19 pandemic

  • • Hazard Elimination, which means keeping sick personnel home.
  • • Personnel Substitution, in this case initially bringing back just those key employees who need to be physically present to get and keep the business running.
  • • Engineering Controls, including healthy-building strategies such as increasing the flow of outside air, the use of disinfection solutions, and leveraging air filtration systems that can capture smaller particles.
  • • Administrative Controls, lowering the number of personnel in the building at any one time. Have portions of the workforce come in on alternate days or staggering shifts within a day. This might also include spreading workers out in physical space.
  • • Use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), such as the now-familiar cloth face coverings, respirators, and other gear in common areas and situations where other controls don’t achieve the required level of safety.

Why SmartSpace?

Whether you are in the facility or on your way, the SmartSpace application empowers employees and visitors with self-service features like check-ins, workspace assignments, and scheduling. SmartSpace also helps managers oversee and manage cleaning procedures, shift management, occupancy, and space management.

Give your building occupants peace of mind at all times with SmartSpace.

Contact us to start planning or to revamp your reopening strategy.

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