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IT Monitoring & Administration

VitalSigns is a server monitoring, reporting and administrative tool for both IBM and Microsoft collaborative technologies. VitalSigns keeps IT Managers informed by offering real-time metrics on current performance and by identifying trends from past performance. VitalSigns also can use this information to anticipate potential issues that have yet to occur.

Beyond monitoring, VitalSigns empower IT Managers to be more efficient in their day to day tasks. VitalSigns has numerous administrative features, including PowerScripts, a secure library of PowerShell commands that can be run on-demand and securely delegated.  

IBM Connections

IBM Connections

Notes Domino

IBM Notes Domino

Office 365


Microsoft Exchange

Intranet & Digital Workplace

The Hoozin Intranet and Digital Workplace was designed to deliver an experience that empowers today’s modern digital workers by offering a consolidated, single sign-on dashboard with self-service capabilities. Hoozin easily integrates existing IT assets with pairs them with intuitive design to provide your users a single location to start and finish their day.

Hoozin works out-of-the-box but its flexible nature allows organizations to completely customize their digital space. The Hoozin platform can sit On-Premises, be hosted in the Cloud or even be run in hybrid environments.

Social Intranet

Domino Agent Management

Domino v10

Essential Agent Master (EAM) is a Domino agent monitoring and management application. Designed to run on single or multiple Domino servers, Essential Agent Master collects detailed agent information on configuration settings and execution specifics, provides notification of key agent failures, and allows control of end-user created Domino agents.

Database & ACL Management

Essential Tools (ET) is a robust, Beacon award-winning server-based Domino Administration tool designed to empower administrators to be more efficient in their day to day tasks. ET allows administrators to securely manage ACLs, easily control database properties and quickly process requests en masse.

Domino V10

Spam Filter & AntiVirus

IBM Notes

SpamSentinel uses dual engines working together to identify spam and viruses with an impressive 99.6% block rate! SpamSentinel stops spam and automatically checks all of your mailbox messages against a list of known viruses. The intelligent MacroKiller software eliminates all worries about CryptoLocker infections from Word and Excel macro viruses.

1) Only the Good Mail will be sent to your In-box .
All suspect/spam B messages will enter your Junk folder (2), or your -Spam folder (4) if configured by your administrator.
All Newsletters will enter your -Newsletters folder (3).