Essential Agent Master


Monitor and Manage Domino Agents

Essential Agent Master is a Domino agent monitoring and management application. Designed to run on single or multiple Domino servers, Essential Agent Master collects detailed agent information on configuration settings and execution specifics, provides notification of key agent failures, and allows control of end-user created Domino agents.

Essential Agent Manger takes information about your organizations’ agents and consolidates it into one place to make it easy to understand what is going on and to make problems easy to spot and fix. Since agents are so flexible, and potentially powerful, it is veryfree trial important to know when they develop issues so they can be addressed quickly. These issues can emerge in three general areas:

  1. 1. Security
  2. 2. Efficiency
  3. 3. Effectiveness

EAM can help in all these areas. EAM helps to increase security with tighter control of agents created by end users. EAM ensures that your scheduled Domino agents run properly and that you are achieving the proper ROI on your server assets. EAM also provides administrators with the knowledge of agent schedules, allowing for adjustments to be made to ensure optimum server availability and performance.

Are you asking the right questions?

Domino agent find out which domino agents are not running
Open the EAM Reports database and select Unprocessed, 6. Exceptions & Agent Owners, By Owner. You will see a view similar to this:

Which agents are not running?

A very common problem at many organizations is agents signed by users who are not authorized to run agents. Thus, the agents don’t run but it isn’t obvious that this is the case. An agent could be signed by someone who used to be authorized, but either changed jobs or left the company.



Domino agent find out who is running domino agents
To see this information, open the EAM Client database and select Agent Settings, By Agent Owner. You will see a view similar to this:

Who is running agents?

The “All Agent Signers” View enables users to easily identify who signed agents, it is also helpful to know everyone who has signed an agent, not just those agents with problems. For example, many company’s have a specific “Agent Signer” ID that is used after an agent has been reviewed by change control.



Domino agent find out when your domino agents are running
You will see a view similar to the one shown below, showing all the scheduled agents on each server.

When are agents running?

A common source of agent performance problems is the over-scheduling of specific time periods for daily agents, such as 1 AM, 2 AM, or 3 AM. But how do you know when your agents are scheduled. This is easy with Essential Agent Master. Simply open the EAM Reports database and select your view to see when each of your agents are schedule to run.