Essential Tools

Get an extra pair of administrator hands with Essential Tools

Essential Tools (ET) is a robust, Beacon award-winning server-based Domino Administration tool designed to assist Domino administrators to perform their tasks significantly more efficiently and also allow them to fulfill certain tasks that the infrastructure did not allow them to do so before.

The robustness of ET stems from the basic architectural fact that the Domino Infrastructure information (Database, free trialACL, etc.) is collected in a centralized single point (et.nsf) and API-based ET server tasks execute enterprise-wide transactions at high speeds all in the background.

An additional robustness is achieved through replicating the transaction documents in the background, thus gaining the same access to remote servers with slow network connections as if they were in the same high-speed local are network (LAN).

Finally, the transaction creation and execution is fully secured with well-defined rules and all transaction processing is fully logged for audit trail purposes.

Domino Administration Made Easy

Domino Administration Increase domino security with ACL enforcer
View of the ACL Enforcer in ET

Security management by enforcing ACLs

ET provides a fully privilege-based and fully logged ACL management facility that along makes it a favorite among Domino administrators. Create ACL Enforcers to monitor and maintain ACL entries of Domino databases, templates and mailboxes.  If an ACL is changed, the ACL Enforcer can return the ACL to the desired state with or without notification to the administrator.


Domino Administration analyze your domino databases with essential tools
View of Database Information in ET

Database Properties at Your Command

Know what is on your servers and how your databases are configured by managing database inventory from a single, easy to view, central location. Monitor and manipulate a variety of database properties to enhance and enforce your enterprise policies.



Domino Administration clear unwanted space eaters in your domino environment
Utilize the Database Information view to identify database size

Rid Unwanted Space Eaters

Effectively manage the activity level of any database as well as when it was last used. Identify orphaned mail files that currently have no directory document. Utilize the server’s processor, freeing up the administrator’s workstation to complete other tasks.


Domino Administration preform requests en masse with essential tools
Complete requests en masse with ACL Change

Quickly process requests en masse

With global request processing a single ET request can affect multiple Domino databases, templates and mailboxes located in different directories and on multiple servers. Without ET, the administrator is forced to manipulate the files by manually updating each directory and server.