SpamSentinel uses dual engines working together to identify spam and viruses with an impressive 99.6% block rate! SpamSentinel stops spam and automatically checks all of your mailbox messages against a list of known viruses. It then removes or quarantines all spam, depending on your preferences. With automatic updates, you will always have the most current state-of-the-art protection to ensure your organization is safe and secure. Clients have the choice of hosting their spam and virus protection on their own servers or the option to outsource this process with Hosted SpamSentinel. By hosting off site there is no required installation of software and the burden of server traffic is avoided.

  • Protection from Cryptolocker viruses
  • SpamSentinel Management By Example
  • Whitelist a sender or domain
  • Exclude and include recipients
  • Anti-virus protection
    • 99.6% blocking rate
    • MX Failover
    • SpamSentinel Administrator Interface
    • InboxGenius
    • Automatic product updates
  • Continuously updated software
  • Access to the best support in the business
  • Subscription based: Start blocking spam and virus immediately after installation
  • Fast and accurate checking of emails for spam content and infected attachments
  • Option for SpamSentinel on premises and in the cloud
  • Drastically decrease bandwidth usage, server processing and disk storage with Hosted SpamSentinel
  • Clean mail increases admin and user productivity
  • User workstations unencumbered by spam and viruses
  • Stop Email Viruses BEFORE they reach end users
  • Control your whitelists and blacklists with the SpamSentinel Administrator interface.
  • End quarantines using end-user verification
  • We hold mail if your Lotus Domino or Microsoft Exchange server is down.

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