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HCL Domino Monitoring & Administration

Proactively monitor the heart of your collaboration and solve problems before they impact business.

By Domino Admins, For Domino Admins

VitalSigns is the most comprehensive solution for Domino platform monitoring and administration. With real-time monitoring against performance baselines, VitalSigns empowers administrators to address issues before business processes are affected.

Get the right information, right when YOU need it with VitalSigns’ custom reports, intuitive graphical interfaces, proactive notifications.

Visually Represent Key Health Metrics

Optimize Resource Utilization

Make Informed Data Driven Decisions

Proactively Monitor Against Baselines

Mail & User Monitoring

Optimize the end-user experience and maximize productivity by ensuring that your business users have seamless access to everything they need.

• Real-time Visibility

• Manage Mobile Users

• Detailed Mail Statistics

IBM Domino Mail Health

Server Monitoring

Optimize resource allocation and maintain performance during peak times with comprehensive monitoring and trend analysis.

• Monitor Server Tasks

• Manage Domino Clusters

• Dedicated Server Health Pages

Application Monitoring

Keep your applications at peak performance with real-time monitoring of all underlying components and the end user experience.

• High Availability

• High Performance

• High Security

IBM WebSphere Server Health


Server Health Pages

Custom Reports

HCL Notes

Additional Features

Intelligent Alerts

HCL Traveler

HCL WebSphere


Executive Dashboards

Manage Databases

HCL Sametime

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How is VitalSigns priced?

VitalSigns offers a simple pricing model based strictly off the number of servers you want VitalSigns to monitor and report on within the organization. There is no per user pricing and there are no additional modules that need to be purchased.

Can VitalSigns preform trend analysis?

Yes. VitalSigns gathers both performance and user activity metrics and then visualizes those metrics in charts and graphs as well as reports featuring trends over time.

Can VitalSigns automatically send notifications?

Yes. IT managers can easily configure alerts using VitalSigns’ existing scripts or they can upload their own custom alert scripts. Each configured alert has custom notification settings with the ability to send alarms and reports to multiple users based on time or location.

How does VitalSigns boost adoption rates?

The insights on user activity provided by VitalSigns allows IT managers to identify how individual users are engaging and interacting within your HCL Connections environment. These insights are invaluable for managers looking to define user groups, to identify roadblocks to change and to construct or optimize their social business adoption plan.

How difficult if the VitalSigns installation process?

It’s not difficult at all actually. VitalSigns uses the native Notes client to gather all metrics and for all testing so nothing is required to be installed on the HCL Domino servers.


Why should I be monitoring HCL Sametime?

HCL Sametime offers instant messaging, online meetings and other important social communications for business environments. With effective monitoring, IT Managers can ensure an uninterrupted user experience and seamless communication throughout the organization.

Why should I be monitoring HCL Traveler?

HCL Traveler is an essential tool for organizations to provide fast and secure access to email and calendar from numerous mobile devices. By monitoring Traveler, IT Managers can remain proactive and quickly identify and mitigate bottlenecks that will disrupt overall performance.

Why should I be monitoring HCL WebSphere?

HCL WebSphere servers, in most organizations, are the backbone to business applications and in turn business workflow. Comprehensive monitoring and alerting will keep IT Managers in the know allowing them to avoid slow or down times in enterprise Java applications.

Why should I be monitoring HCL Domino?

HCL Domino servers are the heart of collaboration in many organizations today. Monitoring HCL Domino environments provides IT Managers with the real time insights that are critical for proactive system and incident management.

What other technologies does VitalSigns monitor?

VitalSigns monitoring and reporting dives deep into both HCL and Microsoft collaboration technologies. On the HCL (formerly IBM) side, VitalSigns monitors Connections, Notes/Domino, WebSphere, Traveler and Sametime. On the Microsoft side, VitalSigns monitors Office 365, Exchange (including DAG), SharePoint, OneDrive and Skype for Business.

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