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Real-time monitoring and administrative power tools built to enhance business productivity.

Productivity Relies on Performance

VitalSigns is a comprehensive web-based monitoring, administration, and reporting solution for Microsoft Collaboration Tools. Empower administrators to continuously monitor health and proactively address performance issues.

VitalSigns gives organizations complete visibility into their IT environments and provides powerful tools to enhance productivity and maximize resource utilization.

Monitor Digital Experience in Real-time

Manage Multiple Tenants from a Single Instance

Securely Delegate PowerShell to the Front-line

Confidently Manage it all with Actionable Insights





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Why is it important to monitor your Microsoft Collaboration Tools?

Proper Microsoft 365 monitoring provides visibility into how the environment is performing. Tools like VitalSigns go beyond the capabilities of Microsoft Service Health Dashboards, helping organizations bridge the gap between collaboration and efficiency. Since Microsoft 365 is the heart of organizational collaboration, it is crucial to maximize visibility and quickly pinpoint the root cause of performance issues. Monitoring gives organizations the ability to optimize their efficiency, lower operational costs, and most importantly, provide an optimized digital experience for all users.

What other technologies does VitalSigns monitor?

VitalSigns monitoring, administration, and reporting dive deep into both HCL and Microsoft collaboration technologies. On the HCL (formerly IBM) side, VitalSigns monitors Connections, Notes/Domino, WebSphere, Traveler, and Sametime. On the Microsoft side, VitalSigns monitors Office 365, Exchange, SharePoint, OneDrive, and Skype for Business.

Are dashboards and reports customizable in VitalSigns?

Yes. In VitalSigns you can generate custom dashboards and reports that contain metrics specific to you precisely control the user interface elements which are displayed to the user. This feature empowers administrators to enable selected features for selected audiences.

Is it difficult to deploy/install VitalSigns?

It’s not difficult at all. VitalSigns is designed to be agile allowing for smooth integration into multiple types of infrastructures. Nothing needs to be installed on any servers. For Domino, you need a Notes client for Microsoft, you need some PowerShell modules.

How can frontline users securely run PowerShell commands using PowerScripts?

The PowerScripts Library is loaded with approved PowerShell commands allowing any user to easily run scripts against servers, users, or mailboxes within VitalSigns. Scripts are executed using stored credentials associated with the server. Only users who have been assigned the PowerScripts role can access this feature and rights can be terminated at any time. To further increase security, an audit trail is created each time a script is executed to show who ran what and when.

How does VitalSigns improve the end-user experience?

The main benefit of end-to-end monitoring is that organizations gain complete visibility into what each end user’s current experience looks like within any application. End-to-end monitoring enables targeted troubleshooting and the ability to quickly relate user activity to back-end processing.

Can VitalSigns automatically send notifications?

Yes. IT managers can easily configure alerts using VitalSigns’ existing scripts or they can upload their custom alert scripts. Each configured alert has custom notification settings with the ability to send alarms and reports to multiple users and devices based on time or location.

Can I try VitalSigns for free?

Yes, simply reach out to to schedule a demo or to initiate your free trial.

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