The Power Tool for PowerShell

Automate scripts and empower the frontline with role-based access to the PowerScripts Library.

Automate & Delegate to Maximize Productivity

PowerScripts function as a force multiplier by transforming PowerShell scripts into on-demand commands, usable by all skill levels. PowerScripts leverage Active Directory role-based authentication to enable the secure delegation of tasks so scripting experts can focus on big picture tasks, like designing new solutions.

PowerScripts offer a convenient and secure way for organizations to completely streamline the management and execution of PowerShell.

Run Scripts with the Push of a Button

Delegate with Role-based Access Control

Schedule Tasks and Automate Scripts

View all Activity with an Audit Log

PowerScripts Library

Upload your own scripts or access 100’s of vetted scripts in the on-demand library to be instantly executed with the click of a button, using stored credentials.

• 100’s of Vetted Scripts

• One-Button Execution

• Encrypted Credentials

powershell script command library
PowerShell Audit Log

Audit Trail

Automatically generate a log entry each time a user attempts to run a PowerScript. Each log entry contains the script, the date, the individual who ran it - as well as the result.

• Log Entry for Each Attempt

• Detailed Historical Records

• Compliance & Digital Audits

Role-Based Access Control

Leverage the security of Active Directory to streamline the delegation process. Encrypted credentials are stored, never shared, and access is reliant on a user’s role within AD.

• Role-based Delegation

• Empower Front-line Users

• Easily Restrict and Grant Access


Event-based Triggers

Intelligent Alerts

Active Directory Sync

Additional Features

100's of Vetted Scripts

Key Metrics

Custom Script Import


Role Management

Script Management

Simple Configurator

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What if my organization does not have any PowerShell scripting experts?

That’s okay, you can still access the continuously growing PowerScripts library. The PowerScripts library contains hundreds of vetted PowerShell commands and is frequently updated with new scripts.

Can you track who is running PowerScripts?

Yes. Every time a user attempts to run a PowerScript, whether it passed or failed, an entry is generated in the Audit Log. This entry contains the name of the user, the name of the script and what it was run against, the result, as well as a timestamp.

Can end-users edit PowerScripts?

No. End users do not have access to the underlying source code of the PowerShell script, so they cannot modify the script, they can only run scripts that they have been authorized to run.

Can PowerScripts automatically send notifications?

Yes. IT managers can easily configure alerts using VitalSigns’ existing scripts or they can upload their custom alert scripts. Each configured alert has custom notification settings with the ability to send alerts and reports to multiple users based on time or location.

How can any end-user securely run PowerShell commands using PowerScripts?

PowerScripts syncs with Active Directory and only shows users the scripts that they are authorized to run. Custom roles and specific access rights can easily be configured within VitalSigns. When a user does execute a script, they do not have access to the underlying credentials, so they cannot share, misuse, or abuse those credentials. To further increase security, an Audit Trail is created each time a script is executed to show who ran what and when.

How much PowerShell experience is required to use PowerScripts?

Zero! Organizations leverage PowerScripts to delegate PowerShell command execution to any authorized user. PowerScripts runs the script using elevated credentials which the end user does not have access to. Authorized users do not need to understand anything about PowerShell, the integrated script environment, command line utilities, loading modules, etc. They simply select a script from the list and press `Execute’. Organizations can access our continuously expanding library of vetted scripts or can easily write and upload their scripts to the PowerScripts library.

Can end-users share credentials?

No. End-users do not have access to the underlying credentials, so they cannot share, misuse, or abuse those credentials. Credentials are inserted at the time of execution and are never visible to the user while executing the script.

What else does VitalSigns do?

VitalSigns is an administration, monitoring, and reporting solution for all HCL (formerly IBM) and Microsoft collaborative technologies. On the HCL side, VitalSigns monitors Connections, Notes/Domino, WebSphere, Traveler, and Sametime. On the Microsoft side, VitalSigns monitors Office 365, Exchange, SharePoint, OneDrive and Skype for Business.

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