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IBM SameTime Performance Monitoring and Management

What Can VitalSigns Do For You?

VitalSigns SameTime performance monitoring constantly executes end-user simulations to ensure a high quality, uninterrupted user experience. If an issue is detected, our proactive alerts system will notify you before end-user are aware of the issue at hand.

VitalSigns SameTime performance monitoring is always gathering chat, meeting and conference statistics that can be used to automatically create in-depth trend reports. VitalSigns also tracks critical SameTime statistics such as peak login times and average meeting duration to provide insightful user metrics.

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Track and Report on Key SameTime Statistics

Ensure Quality with End-User Simulations


Identify Bottlenecks in your SameTime Environment


Receive Alerts Before End-Users Notice Issues


IBM Sametime Features

• Response Time

Analyze the response times of each Sametime server in milliseconds over a defined period of time.

• Total 2-Way Chats

Identify the total number of 2-way chats on any particular day over any specified period of time.

• Hourly Up Percent

View the percentage of total server time up of each Sametime server for any given hour of the day over the last 24 hours.

• Daily Logins

View the total number of daily logins on each Sametime server for each day over a specified period of time.

• Health Assessment

Constantly run health tests against each Sametime server and view the result as well as the details of each test.

IBM Sametime Server Health

• Peak 2-Way Chats

Identify points in time when there is the most 2-way chat activity over any specified period of time.

Listen to What VitalSigns Users Have to Say

“Before we purchased VitalSigns our organization lacked the ability to perform two crucial functions: to assist with monitoring journal databases which is essential for compliance requirements and to proactively alert on all of our critical IT systems.

One of the main reasons we started using VitalSigns was so that the Administrators could be alerted when our systems were failing before our users would contact the Help Desk.  This allows the Administrators to pro-actively update the Help Desk so that when the user calls it is no surprise, and we can give informed updates back to the users. Overseeing a large IT system 24/7 can be a very daunting task, but it is a lot easier these days with VitalSigns acting as a right hand by always watching our systems and alerting me by email or text if anything abnormal happens.

After purchasing VitalSigns we discovered that the tool would also help our organization with monitoring critical databases, which is a necessary component to our email compliance solution. VitalSigns ability to monitor and alert all the way down to the database level is critical to our requirement for journaling databases.  VitalSigns ensures that all items are being processed and that we are meeting our compliance requirements.”

Jackie S., IBM Senior Systems Analyst, WoodmanLife Insurance

Who is Using VitalSigns?

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Use VitalSigns on every device to ensure that you always have access to alerts and notifications on your critical business applications. Download VitalSigns from the Apple or Android App Store to begin leveraging VitalSigns from your phone or tablet.

Meet the Creator of VitalSigns

Alan Forbes

Alan Forbes was born in Attleboro, MA and got his BS/BA from Bryant College and an MBA from Babson College, where he won the Douglass Prize in Entrepreneurship. His technical specialties include Internet application development using IBM/Lotus Notes, Microsoft .NET, and the popular LAMP Stack of PHP mySQL, and Apache.

He has written many technical articles for a variety of publications, is an Amazon best selling author,  and has spoken at numerous conferences and user groups. Alan was named an IBM Champion for 2017.