The Stuff Outside of IBM Domino That Keeps Me Up at Night

network os physical security for ibm domino servers

The security of the Domino system is influenced by the physical location of the Domino server, Operating System configuration and network access points. It is important to understand how these can impact Domino.

Physical Security

network os physical securityCommon security sense says that the servers of any application should be stored in a data center that has some type of controlled access. While your servers are probably in such a room, do you know who is accessing that area? When I did a lot of on site consulting, I tested physical access by writing in the data center log the name of a Disney character. Sadly, you would probably not be shocked by the number of times this was never contested. Data center log ins are similar to the Windows server shut down prompt – who actually reads them. Key card access has removed paper sign in sheets, but it is still important to track entry and exit of the data center.

Operating System Security

who has remote access to your ibm domio servers

Operating System security needs to be reviewed and configured in order to prevent unauthorized access to Domino data. Remote access and shared network drives are incredibly convenient, but they do allow for the interaction of Domino databases and server console. Hence, be careful who has the ability to access the server via these methods. Whether backing up to physical media or a cloud service, ensure the data is securely stored. Additionally, use the OS firewall to control what ports can be accessed on the server. If you remove POP3 under Domino, then remove it as an open port at the OS level.

Finally, anti virus software is a no brainer – protect the Domino server by scanning files on local drives, file attachments in Domino databases and email messages as they pass thru the router.

Network Security

network os physical security

Network security basics include reducing the access points of the Domino server. All too often I see the Domino server sitting behind a firewall with 1352 open through the firewall to allow remote access. While I understand why this is done, ideally, the Domino server should be remotely accessed via a VPN solution. Using Domino pass thru is a Domino centric method for providing remote access, while keeping your Domino data off the public wire. Also, within Domino encrypt the network port to ensure the client and server traffic is encrypted.

As a Domino administrator, you control the configuration settings under Domino, but what about these system properties that are not part of the application? For a small environment you may be in charge of the entire system; however, in large organizations functions tend to be federated. If you are dependent upon others, then document your needs and forge relationships with those entities to ensure your server’s security.

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