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With award winning technology at your fingertips, you now face the challenge of integrating powerful solutions into your business as quickly as possible. RPR Wyatt’s skilled and knowledgeable consultants can help you with any project big or small. With almost two decades of experience we know what strategies succeed and which ones are likely to fail. We help our clients maximize their existing environment by thoroughly analyzing their unique situation to identify both the strengths and weaknesses. Our consultants evaluate your operational processes to understand your challenges, making it easier for them to provide solutions built for the future. Let the experts at RPR Wyatt guide you as you make the critical decisions regarding the future of your organization.

Collaboration Health Audit Program

Collaboration in the workplace stretches far beyond just software tools like Office 365, IBM Connections, and IM. Achieving seamless collaboration is reliant on an efficient, dependable and secure IT infrastructure. Collaboration doesn’t happen without dependable tools and resources that you can count on, so it has become crucial to perform regular health audits on your IT infrastructure to ensure the maximum up-time of social technologies, the vitality of your internal email, and the overall productivity of end users.

domino collaboration health audit


Collaboration momentum and organizational productivity are not the only things at risk due to an improperly maintained IT environment. The security of your data, users and organizational intellectual property may be compromised due to deficiencies in environment health.

RPR Wyatt’s Collaboration Audit Program is designed to first document the current IT environment and infrastructure, then it identifies problems and concerns by leveraging our own software tools to provide you with a complete solution. Our admin force multipliers, including ET, EAM and VS, start with Essential Tools, which monitors and enforces ACLs and ECLs to maintain optimal security and identifies the most used databases to improve resource allocation. Then Essential Agent Master, collects data on your Domino agents and creates a ‘to-do’ list of action items to complete in order to maximize your agent health and dependability.

Finally, VitalSigns collects and reports on a myriad of critical details including: resource availability – from tracking disc space to IM functionality / from monitoring Activity threads to assuring the ability to post a Wiki the Audit program confirms your teams have the resources to do the jobs at hand. VitalSigns will also identify your internal thought leaders putting the spotlight on the individuals that will make the critical difference in the future success of your enterprise.

Over a short period of time the daily performance of your collaborative environment is measured as our tools continue to monitor and collect information on your environment. Upon completion a copy of the critical data and reporting databases will be delivered along with a comprehensive project report and an array of best practices recommendations. The RPR Wyatt Collaboration Health Audit is a means to an end.  And that end is to assure your organization that the optimum collaboration resources are available to be leveraged by your organizational teams for maximum success.

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Remote Administration Program

The Remote Administration Program (RAP)  is a comprehensive administrative technology service offering consisting of proactive maintenance and reactive incident support. This offering includes our leading Domino and Notes administrative tools and service plans specifically designed to assist organizations to achieve and maintain their maximum IT performance. With RAP, you only pay for what you use. A customized program is crafted depending on your specific needs, to ensure you are receiving the best value possible.

RAP will begin with the appointment of a RPR Wyatt Account Manager, who will act as the liaison between the client and RPR Wyatt Services. The account manager will conduct interviews to learn about the environment and how the Client has deployed Domino. The goal is to establish an understanding for the procedures in performing day-to-day operations within the organization. RPR Wyatt’s RAP not only alert staff when thresholds are breached but it also provides several on-demand and scheduled reports that can be used to identify trends that may impact the future of the organization.

The RPR Wyatt Collaboration Health Audit Program serves as a terrific launch pad for RAP. The key benefit derived from this process is the establishment of technical and procedural “Best Practices” prior to the implementation of the RAP services.