SpamSentinel MBE

After Payroll, Email is Your Most Important Business System

This new system allows the end user the ability to control in-box clutter and assign future delivery preferences with a drag/drop method between folders. Manage by Example (MBE) allows the end user the ability to manage false positives, in real-time, from the Junk Mail folder. There are no more daily reports or visits to quarantines to retrieve suspect messages. MBE recognizes your preferences and makes intelligent decisions going forward, placing the right email in the right folder based on your prior decisions. Please see below the description of how to manage valid messages, Newsletters and suspect/Junk mail easily.

Blocking Technology


Combination of Techniques

  • Multi-layered detection using heuristics, emulation, and signatures
  • Virus and Executable Detection
  • URL Link detection and blocking
  • Zero-Hour Outbreak Detection
  • Signature-based scanning
  • Restricted File Attachment Blocking

Macro Killer

Stop 100% of Ransomware Macros

  • We convert 100% of Word docs to harmless Word.docx formats which cannot contain a macro virus
  • Excel Macros also removed
  • Original Documents saved in Password protected ZIP file
  • Whitelists skip processing for trusted senders


Complementary Filters

  • Human community
  • IP Reputation
  • Advanced Message Fingerprinting algorithms
  • Global Threat Network
  • Trust Evaluation System

Manage By Example (MBE)

Here is why MBE works for checking spam: SpamSentinel identifies mail into 4 categories.  Good Mail or Valid messages, Spam B, which is considered suspect and we recommend verification, Spam C, which should be quarantined it and does not require end-user verification, and finally, Spam D, which should be deleted – no verification required.  The typical user gets about  5 messages a day ( Spam B/suspect)  in their Junk folder to inspect: The rest, categorized as “C” or “D” are blocked at the server and do not require verification. 

MBE enables mail users to have full control of their mail file, allowing them to self manage suspect/spam B and newsletters without the need to wait for a daily report, or the need to make calls to IT for white listing or searching for missed messages. SpamSentinel categorizes mail to control In-box clutter, when using a SpamSentinel Hosted MX or SpamSentinel Server. MBE allows you, the end user, to set preferences for future delivery between Good mail, Newsletters, Spam B or suspect messages:

Good Mail, Newsletters, Spam-B

(1) Only the Good Mail will be sent to your In-box .
All suspect/spam B messages will enter your Junk folder (2), or your -Spam folder (4) if configured by your administrator.
All Newsletters will enter your -Newsletters folder (3).

Dealing with spam or suspect/spam B

If a messages enters the Junk or -Spam folder as suspect / spam B but you WANT this message because it is valid to you – simply drag it to your In-box. You have now set a preference for future delivery for similar mail. There is no need to contact IT support for help.

Dealing with Newsletters

If you consider the message a Newsletter, drag it to the Newsletters folder and in the future it will be delivered to that folder. This allows you to read Newsletters at your convenience, resulting in an uncluttered in-box. If a message is delivered to the -Newsletters folder that you consider spam drag it to -Junk folder to set a future delivery preference. Again, there is no need to ask IT support for help.

MBE allows you to set preferences for future delivery between In-box, Newsletters and Junk folder. You will never again miss a message that is sitting in a quarantine database. No more passwords to remember and no more calls to IT support for help. MBE delivers email and let’s you decide.

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