It’s a Remote World

The Rise of Remote Work:

We are living in a very precarious time as we are in the midst of a global pandemic. The, now infamous, Coronavirus (COVID-19) has impacted almost every facet of life for people all over the world. People are concerned about the health of themselves and their loved ones, groceries stores have turned into chaos, social gatherings are highly discouraged, and a large portion of the workforce is now working remotely.

The immediate effects COVID-19 has had on the workforce have been unmistakable, but the long-term effects are a little more uncertain. Will things just go back to normal? Will this cause a majority of organizations to permanently transition to a remote workforce? Or will it be a hybrid of each? Regardless of the direction it takes us, it’s clear that, at the very least, organizations need a better plan in place for when there are major disruptions to organizational communication and collaboration.

Empowering the Remote Worker:

As we modify our work lifestyles and try to find a new normal, we are seeing the re-emergence of the Digital Workplace. Originally the Digital Workplace was marketed as a social, collaborative, and modern new way to work. Early on organizations viewed the Digital Workplace as a nice to have, rather than a necessity that could transform their business. However, in the midst of COVID-19 response, fostering collaboration, engaging remote workers, and being digitally social are now critical priorities.

With the rapid increase of remote workers, organizations who do not currently have a digital platform or Intranet portal in place have been scrambling to find solutions. Now panicked, organizations are seeking a quick fix for a problem that is far too complex to be solved overnight. This is where we see CTOs latching on to free (for now) solutions that are 1) not the most ideal fit for their specific needs, and 2) extremely expensive once you complete the trial phase. What organizations need to realize is that implementing a digital workplace should not be a reactive decision to a single event, like COVID-19. Instead it should be more of a proactive measure that prepares your organization to be better equipped to handle all types of communication barriers, including pandemics, national disasters, and even the rise of the remote workforce.

Why Hoozin:

At Hoozin, we understand there is no such thing as a “one-size-fits-all” Digital Workplace. While others provide templates with very little room for customization, each instance of Hoozin is specifically designed around your unique needs. Our responsive development team works directly with you to establish your organization’s look & feel, design & build custom applications, and to ensure your Digital Workplace is aimed at helping you to reach your organization goals.

Hoozin Digital Workplace Remote Worker

Hoozin Key Features:

  • • Social networking capabilities including likes, shares, @mentions, #hashtags, and unique reactions that drive collaboration throughout the entire enterprise
  • • Rich internal communications that support multi-channel and targeted communications
  • • Elaborate personalization options including targeted menus and content, delivering a unique experience for every user
  • • Built-in analytics to track engagement and optimize decision making
  • • A seamless mobile experience to unify front-line staffers
  • • Integrations with third-party apps and tools including Office 365, for an efficient, single pane of glass experience

Six Ways Hoozin Helps:

#1. Stay a step ahead of security needs

With Single-Sign On, users can securely access all applications, tools and data using a single identity. Hoozin also empowers users to be successful allowing them to securely work from any device while maintaining even the highest level of compliance.

#2. Fight isolation with social networking

A report from Buffer found that loneliness is the biggest struggle associated with working remotely. Hoozin contains social networking functionalities and a Community-centric design to keep all users engaged and aligned with the organization’s vision, goals, and strategy.

#3. Don’t let anything slip through the cracks

Consolidate all communication channels with Hoozin to prevent information from slipping through the cracks. Hoozin’s campaign-style approach reduces silos and accounts for each individual users’ needs and consumption preferences.

#4. Centralized resources put everyone on the same page

Hoozin’s centralized document repository and powerful search functionalities allows remote workers to easily access all of the information and resources they need to complete their jobs. Hoozin’s modern integration framework gives enterprises the ability to pool knowledge stored across various applications in one place.

#5. Fuel virtual collaboration and pinpoint expertise

Hoozin provides file-based collaboration, access to screen sharing, and other features designed to help team members connect with one another from any location. Looking for a subject matter expert? Leverage Hoozin user profiles to highlight niche expertise and to identify the best person to contact for any given occurrence.

#6. Source employee feedback

With Hoozin you can gather direct feedback from users on your communication strategies and implementation. Built-in analytics can also be used to highlight existing pain points, allowing you to make actionable changes to your remote work policies.


Turn to a Hoozin Digital Workplace to Ensure Operational Continuity

Comprehensive intranets and digital workplaces have the tools and capabilities necessary to drive continuity by supporting employees and in turn nurturing consumer experience.

If you’re interested in utilizing Hoozin, get in touch with our digital workplace experts today!



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