Level 3 Technical Support

Technical Support

In case of an incident do not panic, RPR Wyatt’s Technical Support team has got you covered. RPR Wyatt’s 24 x 7 Level 3 “Emergency Technical” support provides coverage outside of normal business hours for critical business issues & interruptions such as server crash, mail stops routing, etc. With a pay per incident basis you can customize your support plan to your organization to get the best value available. 

Our experienced staff is able to offer Fortune 500 level support while also taking time to get to know each client. Forming a relationship and getting to know each client helps our team to deliver the best support possible for your unique situation. Incidents could have adverse effects on your business and thus we highly recommend for you to talk to one of our IBM Certified Software Professionals. 

Contact Us!

Technical support is available by phone at 602-263-8788 during business hours or by email at support@rprwyatt.com. RPR Wyatt’s Technical Support Group was designed to provide customers the easiest and fastest way to deploy and configure our applications. Services include installation, configuration, and general deployment consulting. 

Support Hours


Monday: 9AM – 5PM Eastern Time
Tuesday: 9AM – 5PM Eastern Time
Wednesday: 9AM – 5PM Eastern Time
Thursday: 9AM – 5PM Eastern Time
Friday: 9AM – 5PM Eastern Time


24 hours a day, 7 days a week.