Exception Reporting with Essential Agent Master

If you think Domino Domain Management in ND9 is the answer… think again

Image result for Exception reporting graphic

Essential Agent Master goes beyond DDM to build a complete picture of agent performance, with the ability to correct errors on-the-spot, by gathering extensive agent information from four disparate locations:

  1. + Server Settings
  2. + Agent Settings
  3. + Agent Run Log
  4. + Notes Log

Exception reporting is a breeze with Essential Agent Master. You determine what gets reported and the criticality of each instance.  Don’t let your team, applications, servers or network take the fall for out-of-control agents.  You can’t afford to be in the dark, so don’t delay any longer… sign up for a FREE trial copy today and find out how your agents are doing.

Exception reporting is not solely about notification. It is a system that enables users to address issues and record their thoughts and activities within a software driven framework rather than doing so in a manual environment. It allows people to work more efficiently, collaborate in a logical manner with other people in their organization, and ultimately make better business decisions.

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