We wanted let you know about an important update regarding email services if your fusion center relies on Microsoft O365/Exchange online

Microsoft recently announced changes to their Exchange Online service which will be effective starting January, 2025. One significant change is the enforcement of an external recipient rate limit of 2,000 recipients within a 24-hour period. This change is likely to impact your ability to communicate with stakeholders if you use Microsoft365 as your primary means of  communicating with stakeholders, as most fusion centers and public safety agencies send out many more emails than 2,000 in a day.
In light of these upcoming changes, we at RPR Wyatt would like to remind law enforcement agencies that we offer a solution (the “Hoozin Intelligence Portal“)  that addresses the unique needs of fusion centers and law enforcement agencies. Our platform eliminates the constraints imposed by recipient rate limits, such as Microsoft will soon impose, and provides many other benefits.
With our intel portal solution, agencies and fusion centers can refine their communication processes by sending stakeholders a single “daily intelligence briefing” summary email once a day rather than inundating the stakeholders with multiple emails throughout the day. This approach is not only easier for the analysts, but significantly reduces email fatigue for recipients, making it more likely that the stakeholders will actually read the informational products your center sends out.
This solution is already in use at Utah’s SIAC for over four years and has also recently been selected by MN Bureau of Criminal Apprehension fusion center, and Pennsylvania’s PACIC fusion center as their communications solution..
We understand that changes such as a limit on the number emails your center can send can be highly disruptive and we wanted to let you know about this upcoming change with Microsoft long before it affects your mission.   Please note –  although GMail is not currently affected, they are likely to follow Microsoft’s lead on this.

If you would like to learn more about how your center can avoid communication disruptions and maximize the value your fusion center delivers to your stakeholders please contact us today and we will arrange a review meeting.



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