Microsoft Defender

Microsoft Defender will eliminate 90%+ of the phishing emails before they are delivered.

phshing still gets Through

BUT…. some phishing emails will always make it past Microsoft Defender anyway. Those messages are TROUBLE.

Astute employees

Some of your users are astute enough to recognize phishing attempts. These users are the last line of defense. 

Remove Messages from User Inboxes

Have you ever gotten a frantic call from a user seeking to retract an email message?  We all make mistakes with email now and then, but what if you could undo them with just a few clicks?

PhisherCat enables Office365 admins to easily remove messages from user’s inboxes whether it’s to retract messages sent at the wrong time or to the wrong audience, because of a typo or malicious send from a departing employee.

Stop Phishing Attempts IMMEDIATELY

Eliminate phishing attacks with PhisherCat – the ultimate complement to Microsoft Defender.

Our Outlook plug-in allows your users to quickly flag suspicious emails, triggering an automatic removal process from all mailboxes, ensuring that even the most vulnerable users are protected from phishing attempts that slip past perimeter defenses

Protect your environment from the damaging effects of phishing with PhisherCat. Quickly eliminate phishing emails from your user’s inboxes with just a click, reducing the risk of a successful phishing attack.

PhisherCat is fast, efficient, and eliminates manual steps, making it the most effective solution. With a low risk of mistakenly removing a legitimate email and the option to retrieve it if needed, PhisherCat offers peace of mind at an affordable price.

Deploy it in your tenant in just minutes and start enjoying heightened security.

Would you like to learn more about PhisherCat?

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Works in the browser

PhisherCat adds an action button to every message when accessing email via browser.

Works in Outlook

PhisherCat adds an action button to every message inside the Outlook client.

Works on Mobile

PhisherCat adds an action button to every message when accessing email via the native Outlook for iPhone or Android apps.

Cybercrime Statistics

Although ransomware gets the bulk of public attention, business email compromise still accounts for the vast majority of financial losses to cybercriminal activity, totaling nearly $1.9 billion in 2020, according to the FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center’s annual report.

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