Anti Virus

A Combination of Techniques

Multi-layered detection using heuristics, emulation, and signatures

Virus and Executable Detection

URL Link detection and blocking

Zero-Hour Outbreak Detection

Signature-based scanning

Restricted File Attachment Blocking

Macro Killer

Stop 100% of Ransomware Macros

We convert 100% of Word docs to harmless Word.docx formats which cannot contain a macro virus

Excel Macros also removed

Original Documents saved in Password protected ZIP file

Whitelists skip processing for trusted senders

Anti Spam

Complimentary Filters

Human community

IP Reputation

Advanced Message Fingerprinting algorithms

Global Threat Network

Trust Evaluation System

After Payroll, Email is Your Most Important Business System

This new system allows the end user the ability to control in-box clutter and assign future delivery preferences with a drag/drop method between folders. Manage by Example (MBE) allows the end user the ability to manage false positives, in real-time, from the Junk Mail folder. There are no more daily reports or visits to quarantines to retrieve suspect messages.

MBE recognizes your preferences and makes intelligent decisions going forward, placing the right email in the right folder based on your prior decisions.