We help your team execute better. Anything you can script in PowerShell you can turn into a PowerScript then securely delegate with zero mistakes in execution.

Our comprehensive library (the PowerShell PowerPack) includes scripts for managing Microsoft365 users, mailboxes, groups, Teams, SharePoint sites to get you started.

Users on the Service Desk can select from a list of scripts which they have to be specifically authorized to run. They don’t have access to the underlying credentials (so they can’t abuse them) and they cannot modify the script in any way.

PowerScripts offer a higher level of security by providing precise limitations on user actions and maintaining a detailed audit trail for accountability.

Faster & Safer

Executing a PowerScript is significantly faster and safer than taking the equivalent action using the Microsoft365 administration portal.

It’s faster because PowerScripts takes less clicks to get there and you don’t need to wait for a transaction to finish… the script runs in the background.

It’s safer because users are precisely limited in what they can do and cannot do, plus there is a comprehensive audit trail to see what happened.

Don’t disable PowerShell in your organization, use PowerScripts instead.

PowerScripts brings compliance and governance to PowerShell, making it safe and auditable.

Simple. Secure.

Our platform allows you to securely delegate script execution to junior IT, freeing you up to focus on other tasks. With full control and a comprehensive audit log, you can trust that your scripts are being executed correctly and efficiently.

Get more of your important IT projects done by delegating down to the Service Desk.

PowerShell is extraordinarily powerful but that power comes with security risks too — inexperienced IT can can change a single line or even a parameter with undesirable results. We put a safety cage around it so you can safely delegate almost any administration task. 

PowerScripts is a better way to administer Office365.  PowerScripts provides a secure wrapper around PowerShell scripts that run in the context of a specific Microsoft Object (a Team, a User, a Mailbox, a folder, tenant, etc.).  Repeatable, consistent results, every time.

PowerScripts lets you securely delegate the execution of PowerShell script with full control and a complete audit log. It’s a better solution than granting Mail Admin/Team Admin access to the Microsoft Admin portal because you get much finer control over who can do what…plus an industry-leading audit trail

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