Modernize PowerShell

Automate and delegate all PowerShell scripting tasks using PowerScripts.

What is PowerScripts?

What's in PowerScripts?


Execute PowerShell commands on a scheduled basis or use event-based triggers to launch them.


Enable Support desk personnel and end-users to accomplish recurring  and complex activities that require PowerShell.


View a real-time Audit Log of all activities and easily manage scripting rights using Active Directory roles.


Access vetted PowerShell commands and view all policies, logs, and reports from the unified PowerScript Dashboard.

Increase ROI

Maximize the efficiency of your IT department by empowering any user to securely execute PowerShell commands.


Encrypted credentials are injected at the time of execution, they are never visible to the scripter and cannot be reused.

Why use PowerScripts?

On-Demand Library

Our one-click library of pre-approved PowerShell commands, that can’t be modified, is continuously growing from client inputs and internal research.

  • Centralize all of your PowerShell scripts, log, reports, and policies in a single place
  • The PowerScript Library is continuously growing due to client requests and inputs from our dev team
  • Our scripts are vetted and frequently updated to avoid compromising the security of your environment

Audit Trail

Remain in complete control of script execution with the PowerScripts Audit Log. Easily view in real-time who ran what script, when, as well as the results.

  • Analyze the real-time dashboard to supervise the overall process and, if necessary, quickly take corrective action.
  • Ensure that all executions are carried out with quality assurance and follow compliance.
  • Establish transparency into all executed scripts and hold users accountable for their actions.

GUI Design

Ditch your old command-line interface for the PowerScripts GUI and empower end-users to begin executing scripts on their own.

  • View policies, available scripts, and objects to run against in a user-friendly, easy to use dashboard.
  • A minimal learning curve and no barriers to use allows your team to immediately begin scripting.
  • The graphical interface allows any user to quickly become a PowerShell scripting expert.

Role-Based Delegation

Sync with Active Directory to seamlessly delegate the ability to execute specific scripts based on a user’s job role, location or other custom parameters.

  • Completely manage user access to PowerScripts based on an individual’s role within Active Directory.
  • Easily create custom roles in the VitalSign’s Configurator for more precise control.
  • Empower everyone to use PowerShell to stay on top of tasks, especially during absences and holidays.

Complete Integration

Interact directly with third-party systems and other technologies to automate processes and increase overall IT efficiency.

  • PowerScripts works seamlessly with Microsoft Office 365, SharePoint, Teams, Exchange, OneDrive, and even Google G-Suite.
  • A wide range of integration technology and connectors allow PowerScripts to interact directly with other systems and applications
  • Easy install, get your team scripting on day one of using PowerScripts!

Event-Based Triggers

Automate and schedule the execution of PowerShell commands by configuring specific events or parameters to launch a script.

  • Create and set up specific events to kick off PowerShell commands in the VitalSign’s Configurator.
  • Schedule PowerShell commands to run at a certain time or when specific thresholds are breached.
  • Easily manage, edit and update all active events or triggers.

Easy Configurator

Easily add new PowerScripts to the growing library, manage user access settings, edit roles, and assign rights from the VitalSigns Configurator.

  • Complete control over which users can access which PowerScripts commands.
  • Quickly add new PowerShell commands or edit and update existing ones in the PowerScript Library
  • Manage PowerShell automation with scheduling and event-based triggers.

Script Vetting

Every command in the PowerScripts library has been professional vetted by our team and is continuously updated to the latest version.

  • Our team will vet your custom scripts and add them to the global PowerScripts Library
  • Implement security by design at the base level to reduce vulnerabilities and risks
  • Ensure consistency, quality assurance, and reproducibility with vetted PowerScripts
PowerScripts and PowerShell


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What if my organization has no PowerShell scripting experts?

That’s okay, you can still leverage PowerScripts to delegate PowerShell command execution to any user in the organization. While organizations can easily write and upload their scripts to the PowerScripts library, those without internal scripting experts still have access to the PowerScripts Library. This library is full of some of the most commonly used PowerShell commands and is regularly managed and updated by RPR Wyatt’s team of scripting experts.

How much PowerShell experience is required to use PowerScripts?

Zero! A user can easily select a PowerShell command from a drop-down list. The list varies for each user because only the scripts that they have been permitted to run are visible. Once the user selects the script, they click the “Run” button and the results will appear on the screen as well as be saved into the Audit Log. 

How does PowerScripts benefit IT Managers?

PowerScripts allows IT Managers and scripting experts to securely delegate the execution of PowerShell commands. This, in turn, frees up the time of valuable IT resources to focus on other critical tasks.

Can end-users edit PowerScripts?

No. End users are never able to edit PowerScripts. Only individuals with the ‘Script Editor’ role can modify underlying PowerShell commands. 

How many PowerShell commands are in the PowerScripts Library?

Right now, there are over 75 pre-approved PowerShell Commands that in the on-demand PowerScripts Library. We are constantly updating the library with new PowerShell Commands that we find of value or that have been suggested by current clients. Your internal scripting experts can also easily upload their favorite PowerShell Commands to the library for quick execution.

Can VitalSigns automatically send notifications?

Yes. IT managers can easily configure alerts using VitalSigns’ existing scripts or they can upload their custom alert scripts. Each configured alert has custom notification settings with the ability to send alarms and reports to multiple users based on time or location. 

What else does VitalSigns do?

VitalSigns is an administration, monitoring, and reporting solution for all HCL (formerly IBM) and Microsoft collaborative technologies. On the HCL side, VitalSigns monitors Connections, Notes/Domino, WebSphere, Traveler, and Sametime. On the Microsoft side, VitalSigns monitors Office 365, Exchange, SharePoint, OneDrive and Skype for Business.

Can you track who is running PowerScripts?

Yes. Every PowerScript time a user attempts to run a PowerScript, whether it passed or failed, an entry is made into the Audit Log. This entry contains the name of the user, the name of the script and what it was run against, the result, as well as a timestamp.

How can any end-user securely run PowerShell commands using PowerScripts?

The PowerScripts Library is loaded with approved PowerShell commands allowing users to easily run scripts against servers, users or mailboxes within VitalSigns. Scripts are executed using the stored credentials associated with the server. Only users who have been assigned the PowerScripts role can access this feature and rights can be terminated at any time. To further increase security, an Audit Trail is created each time a script is executed to show who ran what and when. 


How does PowerScripts benefit end-users?

PowerScripts allows end-users to be more efficient while completing their day to day tasks. PowerScripts enables end-users to be more self-sufficient and eliminates the downtime associated with waiting for senior IT personal to execute PowerShell commands. 


How does PowerScripts benefit Executives?

PowerScripts can lower overall operating costs by increasing the efficiency and security of IT and Administration.

Can end-users share credentials?

No. Credentials are inserted at the time of execution and are never visible to the user while executing the script. 

How difficult is the VitalSigns installation process?

It’s not difficult at all. VitalSigns is designed to be agile allowing for smooth integration into multiple types of infrastructures.

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