PowerShell Scripts that won’t run anymore?

Do you have PowerShell scripts that no longer run because they’ve been deprecated by Microsoft? Microsoft is aggressively moving everyone to Microsoft Graph by turning off modules and endpoints that used to work perfectly. 

Why did this happen?

The shift towards Microsoft Graph API represents a pivotal transition in the Microsoft ecosystem, ushering in a new era of unified and streamlined interactions with various Microsoft 365 services. Consequently, some PowerShell scripts may face challenges in execution as they encounter deprecated or outdated endpoints that are no longer supported. The move to Microsoft Graph API is driven by a desire for a more cohesive, modern, and secure integration framework. To adapt and ensure continued functionality, PowerShell scripts need to be restructured to align with the updated authentication mechanisms, endpoints, and functionalities offered by Microsoft Graph. This evolution, although presenting initial hurdles, opens the door to enhanced capabilities, improved efficiency, and a more unified approach to interacting with Microsoft services, ultimately positioning scripts for greater longevity and compatibility within the evolving Microsoft ecosystem.

That’s all great and all, but in the meantime your PowerShell scripts don’t run anymore.

How can we help?

We have expert PowerShell coders who can quickly revitalize your outdated PowerShell scripts, ushering them into the modern era using the latest Microsoft Graph technology and advanced PowerShell modules. In the fast-evolving landscape of IT, keeping your automation scripts up-to-date is paramount, and our skilled professionals are here to seamlessly transition your legacy scripts into efficient, high-performance solutions.

Harnessing the power of Microsoft Graph, we breathe new life into your scripts, ensuring they align seamlessly with contemporary technologies and best practices. Our service not only focuses on compatibility but also optimizes performance, security, and scalability.

Here’s the best part: our engineers are US-based so they are capable of independent thinking and won’t pepper you with stupid questions.

Whether it’s integrating the latest features, enhancing user authentication, or leveraging the capabilities of modern PowerShell modules, our experts are dedicated to bringing your scripts to the forefront of innovation.

Embrace the future of PowerShell with confidence. Let us transform your aging PowerShell scripts into agile, resilient tools that align with the dynamic requirements of today’s IT landscape.

We can bid on specific jobs or you can buy blocks of consulting time at a discount! 

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