Experience the Power of VitalSigns…

VitalSigns™ is a server monitoring tool for collaboration and messaging infrastructures, optimized for enterprise environments,  that constantly checks the status of every
server or service your email users depend on.  When it detects a problem, it sends an alert to the appropriate person. While VitalSigns is running it also captures performance statistics that can be used to produce reports and graphs to share with trial

VitalSigns doesn’t just ping the box and hope for the best (like some server monitoring tools) because that won’t give you what you need—peace of mind that the entire environment is working fine. Instead VitalSigns will replicate various server tasks to ensure that your server isn’t just running, but also functioning as it should.  

VitalSigns monitors servers without installing anything on the server itself.   Using the client DLLs installed on the monitoring workstation, VitalSigns can monitor any server that the client can connect to, including hybrid environments, on mixed platforms, even in different domains.  VitalSigns verifies that the server is responding to client requests, then checks on memory, disk space, and mail routing.

Enterprise Server Monitoring

mircosoft office 365 99% uptime guarenteeVerify Microsoft’s O365 Up-Time SLA

Microsoft provides their Office 365 users with a financially backed service level agreement (SLA) guaranteeing 99.9% up time. However, there are multiple cases outlined in the SLA where the 99.9% up time promise in not applicable, and therefore, not financially backed. Microsoft’s marketing efforts have created a gap between the expectation and reality of the quality of service that organizations are receiving. VitalSigns monitoring has the ability to close this gap by providing organizations the insights to confirm Microsoft’s SLA.


Server monitoringColored-coded, Unified Dashboard

Empower users to tackle any task quickly and efficiently by analyzing the entire environment from a single dashboard. Easily identify problem areas at a glance with an intuitive color coding system that allows users to instantly evaluate the whole environment and take action.



Identify Internal Championsserver monitoring

Utilize comprehensive user metrics to find out who is really contributing the most within the organization.  Act quickly using VitalSigns and view each user’s “Pulse”, a gamification feature that not only fosters adoption but also helps discover internal champions!



Server monitoringAdvanced User Metrics to Drive Adoption

Easily extract mission critical data from any environment to identify trends and make more informed decisions. Dig deep in organizational performance to monitor an individual, team or division “Pulse”.